Everything You Need To Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous experience; a thrill that every woman looks forward to. When you finally get signs that you might be pregnant, that first moment is magical and indeed life giving. We are the source of the most comprehensive information about pregnancy. From the time you decide to conceive, the bodily changes, growing baby, and even what to anticipate during labor. By the time you are through reading these informative pieces, pregnancy will be explained in details from A-Z and, you will be an expert.

Pregnancy Week by Week

Every week in your pregnancy comes with new experiences, challenges, and surprises. This section will demonstrate to you why you are not even pregnant during the first week of pregnancy! Yes, that is right. Learn how the sperm meets the egg and starts the long journey before implantation in the uterus during the first week, magical developments of the embryo and enthralling process of cells specialization in complex biological processes.

The section takes you deep into embryology and then through the baby’s size changes, organs development, and weight gain on a week by week basis. All the questions you have about the baby development are answered candidly right here so that you can know when to go for the prenatal clinics, feel the baby, and prepare for delivery.

To make your pregnancy even easier, enthralling, and unforgettable, the week by week session also includes a comprehensive list of things to do. You will, therefore, know the right time to go for an ultrasound scan, types of exercises, or even buying maternity clothes.

First Trimester

This is the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy. It is characterized by early embryogenesis as the fertilized egg (a few cells) goes through complex changes to become and starts forming the critical organs. This section tells you all myriads symptoms and bodily changes that take place in you and why.

Second Trimester

This is the time that all the morning sicknesses and other symptoms disappear, and you enjoy the bliss of being pregnant. The baby is growing very fast, and all the organs are forming so that the legs, hands, eyes, ears, nose, and skin become more differentiated. The baby and mom are also gaining weight fast, and new discomforts such as balance and skin changes start appearing.

Third Trimester

In the last part of the pregnancy (third trimester), you are prepared to get into labor and finally delivery. You will learn about all the preparations before delivery, types of labor, and enjoying to the last minute. This section details why you should expect delivery from the 37th week to the 42nd weeks. By the time you are through with this trimester, be sure to be more knowledgeable about everything required for an enjoyable and safe pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Changes

Learn about all the pregnancy symptoms and changes to expect every week and every trimester so that you can address them appropriately and know when to call a doctor.

Pregnancy Discomforts and Dangers

From the first day to the last one, you get a demystified outline of all pregnancy discomforts and dangers to watch out. You will learn to differentiate the discomforts such as backaches and dangers such as bloody discharge or preterm labor to seek timely assistance.

Diets, Exercises, Medication, and Health during Pregnancy

simplymomsandfriends.com demonstrates to you the best foods, exercises and other things that will help you and the baby stay healthier. You will learn about the medications, vaccinations, health conditions to watch out, and things to avoid such as strong detergents.

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