Time is speeding and soon the first trimester will be over! In fact, this should bring some relief to you because all the intensive symptoms will start fading out on week ten and disappear completely a few weeks later. Notably, even though you seriously look forward to a remarkable baby bump, it will take more time before it can emerge.

10 Week Pregnant


Baby’s growth and development in week ten

The tenth week is a great milestone for the baby because all the organs have formed and are now functioning. This means that the baby has a great deal of independence, and it controls some functions. By the close of the 10th week, the baby will be about 1.22 inches. In the next couple of weeks (by close of the first trimester) the baby will lengthen exponentially because all the organs are now developed.

During the fetal stage, your baby is at a lower risk of congenital deformities. Note that though the organs are developed and functioning, they will still continue developing in coming weeks. By the close of the week, the toes and fingers develop further and appear separated. The nails start to form on each finger, and the baby can bend the legs and arms slightly.

Up to week nine, the baby’s skin was only a few cells covered and transparent. In week ten, a small cover starts to form on the skin to help protect the skin. The development advances further, and the spine and nerves can be seen growing rapidly. Legs, hands, and other major bones start emerging as ligaments that will later harden and become stronger.

While the baby enjoys the buoyancy in the amniotic sac, some of the amniotic fluid is absorbed to fill the developing digestive system and breathing tubules and help them develop until the last week. Notably, the yolk sac has also shrunk a lot because the baby is now feeding through the placenta.

Size of Baby at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a kumquat.
The baby is about 3.1 cm(1.22 inches) and weighs 4 grams(0.14 ounces).

Changes to expect in Mom’s body during week 10

  • Easing morning sickness: While the baby bump has not emerged or is not noticeable by now, your body will assume a lovely rounded appearance because of the growing uterus. By the 10th week, you should expect the morning sickness to start easing and get complete relief by week 14. However, a few mothers might experience mild nausea through the second and third trimesters.
  • Gassiness: Pregnancy hormones flooding the body will no doubt bring some burping which can come at the most inconvenient time. To prevent this, it is advisable to keep off foods that produce lots of gas in the stomach. You should also take a lot of water and make sure that foods are taken in small quantities.
  • Dizziness: Though dizziness is a common occurrence in the first trimester, it is prudent to take care so that it does not risk your life and that of the baby. Because the body has to remain active as it supports the developing fetus, you can reduce dizziness by remaining active and relaxing in a position that promotes blood flow to the head.
  • Acne development: The elevated pregnancy hormone makes the body develop extra oil that brings breakouts and acne. Here, many may feel like teenagers, but there is no need to worry because acnes will disappear in a few weeks.
  • Vision changes: The elevated blood volume by week ten raises circulation that can have an effect of thickening your cornea. The eyes may also feel drier and the vision could get a little blurred. There is no need to worry about this because the problem will go away after delivery.
  • Weight changes: As you edge closer to the end of the first trimester, the weight gain will be about 6 pounds. This will keep going up and by the end of the pregnancy; you will weigh about 35 pounds more. However, underweight women may experience a lower weight gain of between 15 and 20 pounds.

Important tests to undergo at the 10th week

These tests are targeted at helping to establish whether the growing baby is at risk and help clear things that can cause miscarriage. Remember that these tests are not 100% accurate because many fetuses are still developing.

  • Chronic villus sampling: This test is done if the doctor notes that your pregnancy is at a very high risk.
  • Triple screen test: This is an important test that helps to establish levels of HCG, UE3, and others to assist in identifying potential problems such as Down syndrome, Neural Tube defects, and Ventral wall abnormalities.

Risk from pollutants during the first trimester

One of the greatest risks that can cause miscarriage and even deformities is toxins and foreign materials. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to stay away from all forms of pollution. In particular, you should stay away from industrial pollutants and heavy metals that can easily find their way into the developing baby and cause deformities. Doctors advice pregnant mothers to ensure they keep off all types of medicines that can compromise the development of the baby such as antihistamines. If you feel ill, do not simply rush and take medicine from the nearby chemist, make sure to see the doctor for full diagnosis and proper description. Other sources of pollutants to be aware of and keep off include;

  • Some washing detergents
  • Avoid products with toxic chemicals by reading labels
  • Keep rooms well ventilated and take caution of the fresheners you use
  • Consider using organic foods that are grown free of chemicals

Things to do during the 10th week

  • Redefine your exercises and take to yoga, swimming, and walking.
  • Ensure to keep taking the 400 mg of folic acid to assist with ongoing baby development.
  • Raise your food ration to ensure that you are satisfied, and the baby has all the nutrients required for proper development.
  • Break news about your pregnancy to your friends and other family members.
  • Recheck with your health insurance provider to ensure that the policy is complete and will cater for all your expenses.
  • Take time to research more about the next trimester. You should particularly focus on expected changes and what you need to do so that you are fully prepared.
  • Continue buying your baby’s items and storing them well at your home. This is important because you can make the right selections as opposed to buying during the last weeks of pregnancy.
  • Review the themes and progress of the baby shower celebrations. Now that you have broken the news, keep updating the list of guests you will invite to the party.