By the eleventh week, the baby has grown a lot and can be held in your palm and has reached about 1.6 inches. The growth is still rapid because every organ is growing very rapidly. Here are other developments and changes you can anticipate at the eleventh week.

11 Week Pregnant


Baby’s growth and development in week eleven

Up to the tenth week, the baby’s skin was transparent, and all the internal organs were easily visible. However, an additional layer of several cells continue growing and will develop into a multilayered membrane that makes all internal organs completely invisible.

The baby’s fingers and toes have advanced further, and the baby can move them like he/she is getting a grip. Besides, the ears continue growing and taking their final position. These adjustments are all in readiness for the next few weeks that will result in very rapid growth.

Though the head is still bigger than the other parts of the body, the growth is fast and will soon catch up. Notably, the heart has already stopped beating spontaneously and follows the normal human rates. By the close of the 11th week, the heart will have made approximately 8,000,000 beats.

The diaphragm is developing very fast, and the baby can be seen hiccupping by close of the week. If this does not start, it will definitely in the subsequent week. However, you will not be able to feel the hiccups because the movements are still very small. By this week, most babies are truly acrobatic and will shake, kick, and nod the head inside the amniotic sac.

Size of Baby at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a fig.
The baby is about 4.1 cm(1.61 inches) and weighs 7 grams(0.25 ounces).

Changes to expect in Mom’s body during week 11

This is a great week for the mom because many of the intensive pregnancy symptoms that peaked during the 8th and 9th week keep ebbing out. If morning sickness has not stopped, do not worry because they will end in the next few weeks.

  • The growing belly starts to show: By the close of the 11th week, many people especially those close to you will note the growing belly. It will be particularly noticeable if you have a slim body, or it is your second pregnancy. This is because the uterus will start peaking beyond the midpoint of the pelvis by the eleventh week. For taller people, it will take even longer to notice.
  • Varicose veins: Because of the elevated blood volume in the entire body and higher pressure around the uterus, the pressure on leg’s blood veins could go up and make the legs swell. Remember that this does not happen to all people. However, you can prevent this by remaining active, relaxing in a position that places the legs at the same level with the stomach (sleeping flat). Besides, you can also invest in maternity pantyhose for extra support.
  • Lower abdominal pain: As the uterus continues growing to make space for the baby, a sharp erratic pain on your lower abdominal part will be felt. This is because the uterus keeps growing and pressing the underlying nerves. To reduce these pains, try bending towards the same point and changing positions regularly. You should also relax more and take mild exercises.
  • Hair development: While many people rarely realize it, the large number of pregnancy hormones brings about faster growth of the hair and toes. Your hair will grow faster, become shiny, and look more attractive. However, the added growth could make the hair look unruly for some women.
  • Weight gain: By the eleventh week, you will be gaining approximately 1 pound every week with more concentration being around the thighs, breasts, chest, butt, and face. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight by taking the right meals and doing appropriate exercises.

Other changes to expect at the eleventh week include migraines, soreness of breasts, constipation, metallic taste in the mouth, and emotions.

Things to do during the 11th week

  • Continue shopping for your baby products immediately as morning sickness starts easily up. This should be taken as a great break because in latter weeks, the belly will grow so much and you will not be able to do a lot of physical movement.
  • Attend your checks and tests as required by the doctor. This is a great time to share your experience, seek clarifications, and treatments for problems that you could be suffering from.
  • Continue taking the daily dose of folic acid because the baby’s development is still rapid. For example, hands, legs, skin, spinal cord, brain, heart and other parts are still growing.
  • Stock your refrigerator with healthy vegetables as well as fruits especially if your preferences are likely to go out of season. You can also talk to a nutritionist about the alternatives to use in case the recommended options are not available in the market.
  • Keep reviewing your exercises every week so that you can track weight changes and follow the development of the baby.
  • As morning sickness effects start fading away, it is a time to let your partner also appreciate the differences. For example, if you note that nausea is only coming once in a day from countless times in the previous week, this is something worth celebrating.
  • If you had started reviewing available facilities to use during delivery, this is an ideal time to pick one of them. You may consider visiting together with your partner and identify the doctor of choice.
  • Now that you are less moody, consider taking the discussion about a larger family with your partner a step higher. For example, while you might have lived downtown Manhattan in a rented apartment all your life, it might be an ideal time to rethink the idea. You might need to get a more spacious place that is free from pollution of the city and closer to schools.
  • Make sure to identify and attend a baby shower in order to get tips of how it is done. Though you might have contracted an event organizer, you will learn several things to make yours perfect.
  • Look for a pregnancy photographer to ensure you get top quality images for your album. Such photos turn out to be priceless pieces. For example, imagine holding the portrait of your mom when she was 11 weeks pregnant with you!