By the fifteenth week, even people who are around you will have started noticing the emerging baby bump. You should have gained a lot of weight, about 5-10 pounds over the past 14 weeks. However, you should not worry if not showing signs of a baby bump at this time because it is going to appear in a couple of weeks.

15 Week Pregnant


Baby’s growth and development in week fifteen

By the end of 15th week, the baby will approximately 4 inches long and weighing slightly more than 2.4 ounces. The growth in this week is rapid, and the baby’s senses are becoming very sharp.

Blood vessels: A dense network of blood vessels starts developing around this week and can be seen as a type of map with many lines from the heart. At this point, the skin is still not well developed and is approximately a paper thin so that most internal organs are visible.

Baby’s first hair/lanugo: On the thin layer of skin, a fine layer of hair called lanugo will develop except on nails, lips, feet, and toes. This hair will be shed off approximately the first eight months after birth.

Hands, legs, and bones: The baby’s bones continue getting harder starting from the joints while legs and hands elongate at a faster pace. The arms are long enough and can be stretched right in front of the face. The fingers and finger tips are also more distinct and grip firmer.

Baby passes time practicing: This is one of the most noticeable things at week fifteen. The baby intensifies practicing inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluids. This is critical in helping the air sacs in the lungs to develop and get ready for actual breathing on delivery. By the close of the week, some babies are already sucking their thumbs which are very important in helping the tongue develop taste buds.

Intense kicks: Because the legs are developed, the baby will practice with harder kicks within the amniotic sac. However, many women are still not able to get the movements until the 20th week. However, if you listen carefully while relaxing in a quiet room, you can be sure of getting the moments.

Size of Baby at 15 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about the size of an apple.
The baby is about 10.1 cm(3.98 inches) and weighs 70 grams(2.47 ounces).

Changes to expect in Mom’s body during week 15

As the baby belly bump continues growing at a slow pace, the doctor might consider taking the measurement of the uterus. The distance between the top of the pubic bone to the upper part of the uterus (fundal height) corresponds well with the number of weeks you have been pregnant. While it might not be necessary if the bump is still small, it is appropriate for mothers carrying twins.

  • Emotions: By the fifteenth week, you might start getting a very crazy feeling about the changes occurring in your life. As you reflect on the baby, changes in your life, career and other things, there is a likelihood of worrying about the well-being of both of you. In some cases, many women start asking themselves questions such as; Will I be a good mother? Will I be able to bring up my child into a great personality? Well, stop torturing yourself with such thoughts by relaxing and enjoying the best side of pregnancy.
  • Insomnia: Over 70% of pregnant mothers experience difficulty in sleeping because of pregnancy related annoyance like leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, and regular urination. You might even find it more difficult getting some lovely sleep as the belly keeps growing larger. To help address the problem, consider getting a pregnancy pillow that anchors the critical areas. You might also consider a massage before bed or other relaxation tactics.
  • Stuffy Nose: Nasal congestion and stuffy nose is a common symptom starting from week 15 because of membrane swellings from elevated hormones production. Make sure to take a lot of warm water and this problem will disappear after a short time.

A closer look at on urinary tract infections

Because of the fast expanding uterus, mothers are at a greater risk of suffering from urinary tract infections. It is estimated that approximately 5% of all pregnant women suffer from urinary tract infections at some point. If untreated, you are at a greater risk of suffering serious pregnancy complications. Here are the signs of urinary tract infections that you should keep watching out and seek immediate treatment when noted;

  • Uncontrollable need to pass urine
  • Excessive pelvic pressure
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Smelly and cloudy urine
  • Blood in the urine

Things to do during the 15th week

  • Talk to the baby as regularly as possible: By now, the baby has developed an excellent sense of hearing and can notice sounds. You should start talking to the baby because he/she can quickly notice your sound. When you continue this, the baby will always respond in the coming weeks and even immediately after birth. Make sure to avoid sounds that can confuse the baby such as extra loud and cracking voices.
  • Involve your partner to sing good songs to the baby: Just like lovely lyrics are to every person, it is the same case with the baby. By singing together with your partner, the baby will get more attached to both of you and become healthier.
  • Review the exercises you are involved: Depending on the rate of baby’s growth, you might find the previous exercises becoming uncomfortable rather fast. It is, therefore, critical to keeping reviewing the effectiveness of the exercises on a weekly basis. The best exercises for week 15 include walking, yoga, and mild weight lifting.
  • Keep eating healthy diets: As the baby continues growing rapidly, you will require continuing taking meals with high nutrient supply and ample calories for both of you.
  • Take a visit to your selected facility of birth: A visit to the delivery facility will make you familiarize with its environment and staff. If possible, you can purpose to attend some of the prenatal sessions in the same facility.
  • Continue growing the list of friends you are at the same stage of pregnancy: This is important because you can share personal experiences and learn more about pregnancy.
  • Participate in mild competitive events: These are events with family themes that target to advance a noble cause. For example, there are many competitions during family days out that promote breastfeeding, specific prenatal tests, and other healthy mother-child activities. These events are fun, engaging, and will reward you with baby products to cut on your budget.