At the 22nd week, the baby is growing even faster compared to the previous weeks. Even the mom’s body is also racing fast by packing more weight and will be around 15 pounds by close of the week. Between now and the end of the pregnancy, you will add about 20 pounds more.

22 Week Pregnant


Baby’s growth and development in week twenty-two

By the 22nd week, the baby is bigger than ever before and will be about 10.9 inches long and 15 ounces in weight. The baby keeps packing more layers of fat and will grow steadily until the last few weeks.

Skin: The skin continues to grow with a new layer of cells continuing to develop into complex layers. This is coupled with a formation of fat layers that further anchor the skin support, blood vessels, and nerves network. With the additional layers, the baby becomes less transparent, and internal organs will be completely opaque in the coming weeks.

Nose development: Though the nasal passage development has advanced so much, the nasal bridge is only starting to grow. By the close of the previous week, the nose was just a bud. However, the nasal bridge will start lengthening in the 22nd week and coming weeks. This is a great point in the development of the baby’s lovely face.

Baby’s exploration: The baby becomes very exploratory in the 22nd week by moving hands, grabbing the umbilical cord, and touching various parts of the face. It is because of these explorations that the mother is sure of feeling the baby’s movement more vividly especially in coming weeks.

Intestine: As the baby continues to swallow amniotic fluid, the waste is stored as meconium and will stay in the baby till birth. If the baby is distressed, it can pass the meconium out. However, this is not a good sign and could bring about breathing problems immediately after birth.

Bones and bone marrow: As ossification progresses day after day, the bone marrow also continues to grow. By the end of the 22nd week, the baby is capable of producing both white and red blood cells. In fact, the baby releases more blood cells than even an adult. Red blood cells are fetched from the baby’s bone marrows every 80 days compared to normal human beings where red cells are removed after 120 days.

Size of Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a spaghetti squash.
The baby is about 27.8 cm(10.94 inches) and weighs 430 grams(15.17 ounces).

Changes to expect in Mom’s body during week 22

Now, the pregnancy is over halfway. Therefore, you should expect to get funny developments and changes through the second trimester and third trimester as well.

Special attachment: Depending on your body, the progressive baby kicks usually make the mother develop strong attachments and become emotional. Some women will enjoy people commenting about the baby bump and even touching it. However, others might feel bad and not want anybody to get close to the bump. In such a case, consider looking for a lovely shirt that shouts do not touch my baby!

Pregnancy glow: Though some women might have experienced this already, it becomes more elaborate in the 22nd week. Pregnancy glow is a lovely and smooth appearance of the face that keeps every person commenting how attractive you are. This is caused by elevated blood circulation near the skin cells. However, the opposite could happen to some women and depict itself in the form of spots and stretch marks.

Skin problems: High levels of pregnancy hormones can often result in oily skin, dry appearance, and even acne. Indeed, the once model like skin can become a nightmare with pimples all over the face and acne breaking out day after day. To address this problem, you need to clean the skin using a mild soap and keep it moisturized.

Pregnancy brains: By the 22nd week, everything is shifting to your baby. The baby kicks are making you feel emotional and uniquely connected. Because of this, you become very forgetful and get distracted from the main tasks easily. This situation is called the pregnancy brains. For example, you might be in the middle of an assignment and suddenly forget about it.

Weight changes: From the last weeks of the first trimester, you are adding about 1-1.5 lbs every week. By now, you have accumulated about 15 pounds and will keep increasing to about 35 pounds by the close of the pregnancy.

Itchiness: The elevated level of estrogen will cause a lot of itchiness on the breasts, feet, and even belly. Make sure to oil the itching areas and stay away from hot environments. Always remember to keep off from cleaning and washing products that can cause inflammation. For example, you should get a tanning cream, bikini wax, and cosmetics that are mild or simply seek confirmation whether they are okay from your doctor.

Things to do during the 22nd week

  • Set out bonding time with your baby: Every day, take some moments to bond with your baby by feeling the movements, talking, and even playing cool and lovely lyrics.
  • Spend a lot of time with your partner: If you have not realized, the belly is growing fast and, soon, there will be a lot of limitations on what you can do. For example, later in the third trimester, you might find it difficult making love in some positions. This will become even more difficult after delivery as attention shifts to taking care of the newborn. Therefore, take every opportunity to make love, bond together, and even travel.
  • Take some time reviewing the baby birth preparations especially the items that you will need to take to the hospital. You may consider starting buying them in this week because you can walk around and check for the best.
  • During the 22nd week, it is a great time to continue looking for the doctor you want to assist you during delivery. Though some might have already settled on a specific professional, this is an ideal time to review your options.
  • Get out and enjoy the fresh air as you celebrate the best days of the pregnancy. Now that all the morning sickness issues are over plan a trip to Disneyland, your lovely marine park, and other places that make you feel good.
  • Keep stress as low as possible. Whether it is at work or home, you want to have fewer tasks so that you can be completed with little or no pressure.
  • Keep updating the pregnancy diary and make it a routine in all the coming weeks. This will help you maintain the memory well updated to help the doctor for any diagnostics and refreshing the memory in future.
  • Consider reviewing your regular exercising routine to ensure they are in line with every emerging development.