By the ninth week, you are beginning the last month of the first trimester. Because of intense baby’s development, all the symptoms and changes in your body are at the peak. Your baby is also growing rapidly, and it will change from embryonic stage to fetus stage.

9 Week Pregnant


Baby’s growth and development in week nine

By the time you hit the ninth week, the baby will be about 1 inch or approximately the size of a ripe grape and weighing about 1 ounce. The baby’s organs will continue growing during the 9th week and start taking the shape of a human being.

At this stage, the head is still very huge and bowed over extrusion of the stomach. The ears have grown further and are taking the shape of the normal ears. The eyes start moving towards the front position with eyelids clearly visible by week nine. However, they will remain closed until the end of the second trimester.

The baby’s reproductive organs continue growing in week nine, but it will not be until weeks 17-21 when an ultrasound can be used to tell the sex. Even by then, it will still be early, and sex will only be determined when the baby is in a good position.

The legs, hands, toes, and fingers continue growing rapidly in week nine. The fingers become more distinguishable and grow faster than toes. However, they are still joined. Notably, the baby can move the elbow and legs slightly though it will not be possible to notice them at this stage. The curved shape will now begin to straighten up as bones start to harden and lengthen.

Size of Baby at 9 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a grape.
The baby is about 2.3 cm(0.90 inches) and weighs 2 grams(0.07 ounces).

Changes to expect in Mom’s body during week 9

  • Moodiness and irritability: During this week, all the changes you experienced in the 7th and 8th week will become even more intense. The moodiness that was appearing to hit the roof will advance and become more irritable. Here, you will find yourself crying uncontrollably because of a very small thing and in the next few seconds laughing a lot. In one moment, you are all over your husband and in the second minute you do not want even to see him.
  • Growing uterus and regular urination: The ninth week will see your uterus grow to the size of a sizeable papaya. This is a great development because before you fell pregnant, the uterus was plum sized. Because of this growth, more pressure will be put on the bladder and make you fee to urinate regularly.
  • Headaches and migraines: At week nine, headaches could become very intensive because of the activities taking place in the body. This can be from stress, fatigue, caffeine withdrawal, congestion, fatigue, and dehydration. For those who work behind computers, it is important to take regular breaks to prevent straining the eyes.
  • Weight gain: Your weight changes at week nine will be approximately 1-2 pound, but the baby bump will not be visible until a couple of several more weeks. When the first trimester is over, you will have added about 6 pounds. However, you need to be cognizant that people gain weight differently, and you could be slightly more or less than 6 pounds by close of the trimester. To your workmates and colleagues, it will look like you are bloated or on a weight gaining orgy.

Other changes to expect include itchy skin, nausea, breast soreness, and development of stretch marks.

Addressing ranging emotions

No matter how hard you try, many find it hard to remain calm because of the fast ranging pregnancy hormones. Apart from moodiness and shifting craving, many women find themselves struggling with their body image. All along, you have maintained a model body, and now you are putting on weight so fast! The doctor makes it even worse by telling you the truth; you will continue adding weight until birth and even after.

For others, how to break the news to close family members could be causing them a lot of anxiety. Some people could become abuse while others may desert you. For those who are not married, close male friends who were expressing interest in you could simply vanish. Many ladies end up being confused and crying a lot when they are alone. To deal with this;

  • Keep your partner informed about everything: By communicating and staying close to him, you will get a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, and all the encouragement you need. Keep him informed about the mood changes and let him know they are temporary.
  • Take more time relaxing, taking a lot of fluids, and reminding yourself that all you are going through has a priceless and timeless reward; your baby. Make this your source of strength, joy, and focus that will drive you to the next minute, hour, and week until the end.

One thing you must understand is that your husband gets emotionally involved so much and could suffer from the same symptoms you are going through. Many men start feeling guilty of what you are going through and do not want you to get hurt. Well, this is a great moment to bond together more, take more time together, and more importantly about how great you want the baby to be.

Things to do during the 9th week

During the ninth week, many ladies are feeling like they have hit a dead end. You are just about to get over it by close of the first trimester. Here are the most important to do things during the 9th week.

  • Consider notifying the HR about your pregnancy. This is important so that you are not allocated tasks that can harm you or the developing baby.
  • If emotions and moodiness take a big toll on you, it is advisable to get to your doctor for assistance. He might also refer you to a counselor who will be of great assistance to help you cope.
  • This is the best moment to think of breaking the news to close friends and other family members that you are pregnant.
  • Continue with your daily dose of 400 mg of folic acid.
  • Take foods that are rich in minerals especially calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. They should also be rich in all vitamins and proteins.
  • Make sure to fill the diary on a weekly basis to help the doctor understand your progress and cite every change when it emerges.
  • Make sure to attend pregnancy classes that will educate you more about pregnancy and what to do in every week, month, and trimester.
  • Follow close friends you are in the same pregnancy period with. They will assist you to understand what more to expect and how to address every issue.