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Are you afraid that sex after pregnancy can be painful?

Women are often afraid of the fact that sex after pregnancy can be quite painful. It is mainly due to this reason that most women avoid post pregnancy sex. Looking it from another angle, this is a blessing in disguise. Ask any doctor and they will advice that it is best not to have postpartum sex for 5 to 6 weeks after childbirth. Let us be honest and understand the fact that 9 months of carrying a child in her womb takes its toll on the mother and leaves her both physically and mentally exhausted. Though they might have sex on their minds during this phase, it is best to avoid it.

However, if they cannot control their urge, here are some pointers they should keep an eye out for. It will guide them about the inherent risks of having sex after a baby and how to slowly ease back into their sexual life. Regardless of the type of delivery, C-section or vaginally, the body of the mother requires time to heal. The 5 to 6 weeks of rest recommended by the doctors provide ample opportunity for the postpartum bleeding to stop, the cervix to get closed, and also for tears in the vagina to heal.

Different women have different healing capabilities and some might be ready for having sex after the baby faster than others. The changes in their body and the postpartum blues play an important part in determining when a woman is ready for lovemaking after pregnancy. There also might be some other complications like tenderness and dryness of the vagina, especially if the mother is breastfeeding her baby. To overcome this problem, stimulation by her partner by kissing or by massaging her private parts helps. If this does not work as expected, they might apply lubricating gels and creams on their vagina.

It is strongly recommended that women avoid sexual positions that put pressure on their tummies while going in for sex after giving birth. There are illustrated books available that show the best sex position suitable for post pregnancy sex. Check out these guides to select the best sex position for you. New mothers often think of other things like the newborn’s diapers and laundry while enjoying sex after childbirth. This is not correct. They should focus their mind on sex making rather than on other things.

If they still feel pain and discomfort despite taking all the precautions mentioned above, they should not hesitate to consult their doctor. At times there might be minor post operation problems that require additional treatment. At times simple prescriptions by the doctor, like applying estrogen cream in low doses to the vagina might help. Post delivery, the vaginal muscles of a woman might get loose and this decrease in the tightness of the muscles reduces the pleasurable friction… decreasing the pleasurable friction one experiences during intercourse. This problem can be resolved by performing exercises that tighten the pelvic muscles.

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