All you need to know about Ovulation

How To Chart Ovulation Cycle

Firstly, you must know that the time your body releases an egg is generally on day 14 of your cycle. But there are cases that some women’s body releases an egg on the 12th day, others on the 22nd. The best estimate for ovulation occuring would be any day between 11th-21th day following the last day of your period.

Miscalculating the ovulation period is a common mistake most women do when they are TTC (Trying To Conceive).

But of course, do take note that there are cases of irregular periods, no eggs being produced during that period cycle, .etc. The guide to chart ovulation cycle correctly is to get a Basal Body Thermometer or a ovulation prediction kit. This will help you chart way much easier.

It would be recommended to use a digital fertility charting monitor like Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Many TTC women have conceived successfully with a Fertility Monitor since it accurately predicts their ovulation periods.

Signs of Ovulation

It’s crucial to know the signs of ovulation. Once you’ve ovulated, baby-dance as the chances of conceiving is high (duh!).

Changes in Cervical Fluid

Fluid will be thin, clear and sticky/stretchy – resembling like egg whites. But of course, certain activities like going to the SPA, showering, swimming, .etc. can also cause a change in Cervical Fluid.


Women have also reported that when ovulation is about to occur; they will have symptoms of light spotting. Usually the color is brown-stain like or pink. But not all women have this and it’s not an accurate sign.

Sensitive Senses

There are also women who experienced high sensitivity to sight, taste or smell when they are ovulating.

Body Temperature

A surge in body temperature which stays consistently high is also a sign of ovulation.

Sex Drive

An increase in sex drive is also a symptom of ovulation. But to take note that these signs aren’t accurate at all. If you have more than 2-3 signs, there’s a chance you’re ovulating. Still, there’s no guarantee as it could be caused by several coincidental factors.

A digital fertility charting monitor like Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor will still help to predict your ovulation accurately.

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