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The art of enjoying sex after childbirth

Enjoying sex after giving birth is an art that needs to be cultured. It should not be confused with the sex you had before you had your child. There are many factors that new mothers should look out for before they can resume their normal sexual life. While there is no denying the fact that sex after childbirth is something couples wait for with baited breath, one should also be aware of the fact that the physique of the woman gets changed and does not remain the same like it was before the birth of her child. Ever her mental condition is different post childbirth.

There are many illustrated books available about this on the internet and you should read them and make use of the suggestions contained therein. Your doctor is your best friend when you are facing problems while performing sex after pregnancy. Discuss the problems you are facing with her while trying to enjoy postpartum sex. You should remember that all women are not the same. Some of them are mentally and physically stronger than others. They can enjoy sex within a few weeks after childbirth whereas there are some that do not dare to enjoy sex for month after giving birth to a child.

The time factor also depends upon the type of delivery. If the child was born through normal delivery (vaginal delivery), the mother can go in for lovemaking after pregnancy sooner than if the delivery was through C-section. In the latter case, one needs for the wounds to heal before they opt in for sex after pregnancy. If they do not take these precautions and try to go in for sex too quickly post childbirth, serious physical complications might arise.

Nine months is a long period of time and tends to drain both the mind and the body. Unless you are physically and mentally prepared to enjoy sex, do not go in for it. An understanding and reasonable partner helps a lot under such circumstances. There are many other ways through which couples can enjoy themselves. Touching and fondling the erotic zones of your partner is a good choice. Doctors generally recommend a gap of 4 to 6 weeks before recommencing sex after childbirth. This permits sufficient time for postpartum related bleeding to stop, the cervix to close, and tears suffered by the vagina during delivery to heal.

There is one very important aspect that one should take care of while having sex after the baby. In their excitement of being reunited with each other after months, most couples do not take proper birth control measures. This results in the female partner becoming pregnant again… not something that you want. There are several methods like condoms and creams available that can help prevent pregnancy. Use them while enjoying sex after childbirth. If you still have any doubts that you have become pregnant, do not hesitate to consult the gynecologist.

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