How to Avoid Back Pain during Pregnancy


Back pain during pregnancy is no myth. Statistics state that 50-70% of all pregnant women have back pain at one time or another while pregnant. Back pain can be experienced at any time during pregnancy, however, it normally happens in the later stages of pregnancy when the baby’s weight increases. Such an inconvenience can handicap any woman regardless of her fitness status. On the other hand, the better fit women are before pregnancy, the greater chances they have of enduring decreased back pain while pregnant. Back pain can also interrupt a woman’s daily routine or disrupt a good nights sleep.

There are things a woman can utilize to minimize her back pain during pregnancy. It may not be completely conquered, but there are tricks that will lessen the extent or frequency. Here are a few helpful hints to reduce back pain many women experience while pregnant.

  • Bending over to pick up something is a no-no, squatting is recommended
  • Steer clear of sleeping on your back
  • Exercises suggested by a qualified health care provider will assist in strengthening the back and abdomen area
  • Flat shoes with sufficient arch support is more beneficial than high heels or shoes without ample support
  • Wearing a [easyazon_link keywords=”pregnancy support belt” locale=”US” tag=”40weekspreg-20″]support belt[/easyazon_link] under the lower stomach is very beneficial
  • Lots of rest and elevating the feet while resting is suggested
  • As the baby’s size increases a woman’s center of gravity goes forward. To prevent falling forward, many women will balance themselves by leaning backwards. This puts strain on the muscles in the lower back and adds to the back pain that already may be occurring. Good posture is imperative.

Dealing with back pain during pregnancy

There are various things women can do to deal with back discomfort while pregnant. Some phases taken to avoid back pain can also be utilized to treat back pain. Here are several well-known intercessions.

  • Braces or support apparatus
  • Employing a support pillow under your knees and sleep on your left side
  • Various medications used to control inflammation
  • Ice or heat
  • A licensed chiropractor or massage therapist can treat back pain with considerable success

When To Engage A Health Care Provider:

Usually back pain alone is not a cause to contact a health care provider. However, there are moments when a provider’s intervention is vital. A health care provider should be contacted under several conditions.

  • Increased acute back pain
  • Relentless, unceasing back pain
  • Recurring cramping pains which could be diagnosed as preterm labor

Overall severe back pain may be linked to pregnancy related osteoporosis, septic arthritis or vertebral osteoarthritis. These conditions are not so widespread, but it’s something that may catch the eye of your health care provider while examining you for your recurring pain. Back pain is a nuisance in itself even without being pregnant. Pregnancy can inevitably contribute to or worsen an already existing back pain condition. Besides being fraught with an ever growing belly, which most women can easily accept, back pain during pregnancy is something they would much rather avoid.

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