Back Exercises During Pregnancy – Get Rid Of Annoying Backache

Why is it that this generation expects pregnant women to stay active? In the past, women with child are supposed to have limited movements as they await birthing. But now, we have so many workouts for them, to include Kegel, abdominal workouts and back exercises during pregnancy! Well, this is because expecting a baby comes with all the necessary preparations for the day when the bundle of job will finally come out. It also means that the discomfort and health concerns during pregnancy should be rightfully addressed, and this is why there are various workouts for women carrying a child in their womb.

As you would know, expecting a baby brings great excitement to a mother and the people surrounding her. By now, you would have experienced so much joy within you and those that you get from your partner or spouse, the family and your friends. It seems like a never-ending feeling of glee because everyone shares the anticipation and good wishes for the coming blessing. But there’s one thing that you wish could be shared as well – pregnancy back pains!

It’s the most common discomforting experience among pregnant women; in fact, over 86% of expecting moms go through various levels of back pains during the period. Some would complain of mild pains and others would have severe back aches, particularly after standing for long periods. There are also pregnant women who suffer from debilitating pains even if they’re well rested. For all these reasons – and to keep fit during the stage of expectancy, it’s important to have routine back exercises during pregnancy.

It should work as well for you, these back exercises during pregnancy! What you must remember is that if there’s really debilitating pain that causes you to be immobile, it’s best to see your obstetrician or doctor right away. But for all other types of milder and recurring back pains, then it should be bearable when you just undertake the back exercises during pregnancy consistently and the right way.

Here are the recommended back exercises that you can safely do during your pregnancy:

Pelvic floor exercise

Get into a dog-like position, kneeling first and then putting your hands on the floor as well. Straighten your back once you’re in the dog like position and have a breathing exercise, squeezing your pelvic floor muscles in the process for about ten seconds. Don’t hold your breath when doing this and make sure you don’t move the straightened back as well. Do this for about 12 counts of squeezing.


You simply sit down when doing the Kegels, and then pull the muscles of your vaginal area up or towards the baby. A perfect Kegel is when you do not feel your buttocks, abdomen or thighs tighten when you pull the vaginal muscles in. Such exercise keeps your pelvic floor muscles in good condition, and thus, lessens episodes of back pains.

Body stretching

One of the quick and safe back exercises during pregnancy simply means stretching out. It helps strengthen your back and prevents discomforts and aching in the area, and stretching also improves your flexibility. To do this simple meals stretching for about thirty seconds after standing up from a meal or waking up after a nap or night’s sleep.
Stretching daily and each time you shift from one activity to another can be done repeatedly as well. Make sure you stretch your whole body like raising your arms sideways or upwards. You must also stretch your legs, neck and whole torso. When doing this, be sure your seated or standing position is safe to avoid slipping or falling down.

Arm & leg stretches

Get on the same position as the pelvic floor exercise when doing this. Arm and leg stretches can also be a follow-up to the breathing in and out routine of that exercise. To do the stretches, simply raise one arm and the opposite leg slowly until it both are in the same level with your straightened back. Slowly return to dog-like position and do the same with your other arm and leg. If this proves to be difficult, just alternate doing the arms without lifting your legs first. Then do the same for just the legs.

Cat back stretch

An addition to any of the back exercises during pregnancy would be stretching out like a cat does. It makes your back stronger and more flexible! Just do the dog-like position (but this time, it’s a cat!) and relax. Then start arching your back like the feline does when it stretches. Hold the arch for about ten to 20 seconds then gradually assume the normal all-fours-on-the-floor position. Repeat this around twelve times at one setting, and always end it with breathing exercise routine. You can also do slow, rocking movements when at the arch-like position. But make sure that you are comfortable with swinging back and forth.

Trunk twisting

Don’t be guilty for sitting around to watch your favorite TV show! One of the great back exercises during pregnancy can be done while enjoying the shows! Simply sit comfortably on the floor with your legs crossed. Then hold your right foot with your right hand, while your left hand is on the floor, flat and giving support. Now twist your torso towards the left and hold it to the farthest twist you can go for a few seconds. Then slowly get back to the simple cross legged position. Do the same routine with the other hand. So there, you get to have fun watching TV and not be guilty about it! Plus, you ensure stronger back that’s ready for giving birth, and help yourself from suffering from those intense back pains!

All these back exercises during pregnancy should be discussed with your obstetrician. Remember, your safety is the foremost consideration here. So even if you’re eager to undertake the routines and you feel you’re ready for each, it would help if you listen to your body – and to your doc! Make sure also that you prepare your exercise area so that it’s safe for your condition.

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