The Best Way to Announce your Baby’s Gender

Way to Announce your Baby’s Gender

Should the nursery for the new arrival be painted pink or blue? While some expectant parents opt to wait to learn the gender of their baby, many are not only finding out, but sharing the news in creative ways. “Gender Reveals” are popular ways for parents to make such announcements. Here are a few of our favorites and what we believe is the best way to announce your baby’s gender.

Balloon Release

Maybe you’ve seen photos of this creative gender reveal. Fill a large box – the bigger the better, so check with appliance stores to see what they’ve got – with either pink or blue helium-filled balloons and, open the box to release them in front of family and friends. Hire a photographer or have someone snap photos of your ‘reveal’ to mail out announcements to anyone who missed the event.

Mystery Cake

Bakeries are increasingly getting requests for gender reveal cakes. Bakers put a gender-specific indication inside the cake: it can be pink or blue frosting in between the layers or the cake itself can be tinted using food-grade tints. The cake is then frosted with a neutral color so that no one knows until the expectant parents slice into it. An exciting reveal and a build-in celebration with yummy cake! Again, don’t forget to take lots of photos.

Truly Original

We’ve seen some pretty creative – and even outrageous – gender reveals. How about hiring a skywriter? Singing telegram? How about a huge Fiesta with delicious food and a piñata poke at the end, filled with either pink or blue candies? We’ve even heard of sports fans paying to have a “gender reveal shout-out” on the scoreboard during the game!

The best gender-reveals are the ones that surprise even the parents. We admit, this is difficult to do, but it’s not impossible with a little planning. Most of the time, when couples go in for either an ultrasound or other procedure which will confirm the baby’s sex, the practitioner will ask if they’d like to know of if they’d rather not. Bring a little card with a sealable envelope and ask them to write the gender of the baby on the card and then seal the envelope and either mail or deliver it to a trusted friend. Your friend can plan the gender reveal party so it’s a surprise for all of the guests, but especially for the mom and dad-to-be. We think this is the best way to announce your baby’s gender.

Gender reveals are fun, but depending on how your medical practitioner has learned about your baby’s gender, it may not be completely foolproof. If you have an amniocentesis, for example, the gender will be known with 100% certainty. If relying solely on the ultrasound, keep in mind that most technicians are very good at gender identification, but there is room for error. It seems we know someone who got an even bigger surprise in the delivery room when the girl they thought they were having turned out to be a baby boy instead. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen. So, enjoy your baby’s gender reveal, but wait until you meet him or her before you go overboard on the blue or pink.

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