Blood Test for Pregnancy

It is no more a need to talk to your doctor or take his appointment if you wish to confirm your pregnancy. Today women need not depend on the doctor in order to announce the news of her pregnancy. With early pregnancy test one can find out that whether pregnancy has prevailed or not. And this can be done even before missed period.

If you want to rely on an early pregnancy test then the most common one is urine test. In this there is a strip that is covered with plastic case. This has certain enzymes. If you put urine for testing in this there will be reaction between urine and the enzymes. If you are pregnant then you will get the indicative line. When a woman is pregnant there is increase in the levels of HCG. And that’s why there will be reaction between the enzymes and HCG present in urine.

It is always said that blood test is the most perfect way of determining pregnancy. Pregnancy will give you a perfect solution for your motherhood needs. If you are planning to take up a test for yourself then the best thing will be to take up a blood test and this will help you in dealing with various things. If you want to find out the HCG numbers then you should take up Quantitative Blood test and it gives you an exact idea. This is because in this you will get the idea as to whether there is normal pregnancy, clinical pregnancy or multiple pregnancies.
When you suspect that you are pregnant you should first buy a home pregnancy test kit and then after that you should get the pregnancy confirmed with the doctor. Go for this first and then after that go to the lab for urine test and then take blood test. With this you will get final results.

There are two types of pregnancy test. They include blood test and urine test. Both of them investigate the presence of HCG hormone which is actually produced in the body of women when she is pregnant. In these tests there will be investigation that whether HCG is present or it is not present in the number or count that should be, when a female is pregnant.

Yes, urine test is authentic and if you use a reliable pregnancy test kit then you are bound to get the best results. The only condition is that the pregnancy test kit that you are using at home should be reliable enough. You should see to it that you also follow the instructions that are mentioned on the leaflet thoroughly and properly. There are chances that when people who are pregnant should get the doctor’s advice and see to it that all the instructions are followed properly.

However, researchers say that the very first test that is recommended is the home urine test. And then after this the confirmation test is the blood test. However, when the comparison is to be done we can say that Blood tests are more accurate as compared to pregnancy tests urine. This is because they have the periods delayed and they are already having some symptoms of pregnancy. And there are chances that a home pregnancy test may not give you the accurate result. In that case it is vital to talk to you doctor and get the blood test done in the reputed lab.

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