Can You Workout While Pregnant? Safety Tips & Tricks

Being with child is a blessing! It is one thing most women want to experience, and for many, motherhood is what fulfills them. So the pregnancy is not only exciting, it becomes a stage where extra care is needed. There must be changes in the diet of expectant moms like you so that essential nutrients for the baby are ensured. At the same time, you must be in the best of health during the stage – and after that! But as you well know, and maybe even fear, pregnancy also puts you at a dilemma when it comes to weight, fitness and form. So you see, the most common questions among women with child is:

“Can you workout while pregnant?”

Well, yes. In fact, it is essential at this stage so that you are prepared for the birthing process, and so that you can ensure your health and form. Working our and exercising are also ways of keeping the baby healthy because you pave way for a balance in your physical system.

This is probably why many expecting moms today are still found in gyms, being active in yoga and other meditation routines, and even indulging in mild physical activities. Yes, they do get asked by many along the way. It’s not just the alarming way of asking “can you workout while pregnant” but also the curiosity among others. After all, we’ve come from generations where pregnant women are actually pampered and somewhat tied to minimal movements for many months.

You can actually go stationary biking and do aquatic exercises in safe water environs. Most women would opt for weight bearing routines such as walking, mild aerobic exercises and dancing, and even swimming. Others would have workout programs for the whole period of their pregnancy, and it would already include a variety of interesting activities that are proven beneficial to their pregnancy and their bodies. But an expectant mom should know her limits as well. Workouts and activities that have lots of up and down movements or bouncing, leaping and sudden changes in direction aren’t safe. Of course, extra care and knowing what’s best for you are the surefire ways to go.

You sure can workout while your tummy is bulging, but utmost caution would be needed. So when you’re asked can you workout while pregnant, you can confidently say it’s fine and it’s healthy. For this reason, here’s some of the safety tips and tricks to learn.

Gradually attune your body to exercising or working out

Start with just a few minutes a day and add a few more minutes the next. Don’t push yourself too hard all of the sudden because it is very risky. Just take it accordingly until such time you can allot thirty minutes each day. You can even go for an hour of working out each day, but half of that should be done in the morning, and the rest at a later time in the day.

Make water your best friend!

It is important to remain excellently hydrated when you’re working out. It also helps you from overheating when doing the routines. Before you start exercising, have a glass of water or fresh fruit juices. Drink some more in between your regimen and then when you’re done for the time being, have some more water or juices. Don’t grab power drinks as they aren’t healthy!

Watch your positions – or where you’re at!

During the first three months of pregnancy, it’s not recommended that you exercise while lying down on your stomach or even on your back. Once you already show, do exercises that don’t press the baby bump at any point because it could be risky.

At the same time, always make sure that the area you are going to workout is totally safe for you to do so. The floor shouldn’t be slippery or there should be an exercise mat that’s made of slip-safe material. Enough air should be in circulation in the room so that you don’t get suddenly dizzy for lack of oxygen.

Make sure also that you can be easily reached by people around the house because if in case there’s an accident, you can be accessible.

Dress suitably for workouts

Loose fitting clothes, good bra and great shoes are keys to doing workouts. Being comfortable when doing exercises means you can effectively implement the routines as opposed to getting into ill-fitting apparel. Don’t get into leggings and shirts that are too tight because they limit your movements and air circulation within and outside of your body.

As for the shoes, you would need them stable, light and comfortable. Good shoes keep you from slipping or stumbling. For water exercises, you must also dress accordingly and have essential safety measures such as floaters and a comfy vest so you don’t risk anything while having fun.

Listen to your body all the time

Never forget that you are doing workouts because you want your body to be fit and healthy for the whole pregnancy stage. But when you feel fatigued, experiencing pain in any part of your belly and your body, or get dizzy, just stop. It’s best to see your doctor right away and do get rest before then.

Often some moms-to-be push their answer too hard that they suffer from premature rupture of membranes and their water breaks early. Others have suffered from high blood pressure or early contractions, or they experience vaginal bleeding. This is why it’s important to have breathing exercises before you get on to working out. As you do this, you would already get the feeling of being able to continue with the physical movements – or not.

If at any moment as you are doing aerobics, Pilates or swimming and suddenly you don’t feel good, just quit it and relax. Listen to your body. Is it just a case of running out of breath? Or have you pushed too hard?

So there, you have all the helpful ideas about exercising and keeping fit the right way, even with a growing baby bump! So when you’re asked by anyone if can you workout while pregnant, confidently explain, that “Yes, I know the right ways to do so!”

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