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Classes in Childbirth Education

The classes which are taken in the course of childbirth allow the parents who are expecting a baby how to prepare for birth and labor. There are various methods to take your pick from. 2 of the most popular methods are the Bradley and Lamaze which are named after their developers. Generally, childbirth education classes make use of the twin approaches with mutually borrowed elements.

The Bradley and Lamaze methods teach women for coping with labor pain as well as allow the partner to contribute to the labor as well as delivery process. The other methods that are used in the education techniques involve the following:

  • Hypno Birthing
  • Alexander technique
  • Birthworks
  • Birthing From Within

Lamaze Method: The Lamaze method uses coping strategies like focused breathing, moving, massage and relaxation techniques, positioning as well as labor support. Women are given information regarding medical procedures and aches during labor for making informed choices.

Bradley Method: The Bradley method uses natural childbirth techniques without any medical complications. It focuses on nutrition, exercise as well as deep breathing.

Create a Birth Plan

A lot of childbirth education classes allow women to create a plan for birth, which is actually a written document for which your preferences are expressed regarding labor and delivery. The topics that are covered take into account where the mother wants to deliver, who the support people will be as well as your preferred pain medications. For creating a birth plan, make sure you are sharing it with your preferred provider in advance. You need to discuss your choices in advance.

Choosing a Class for Birthing

  • The method of childbirth education
  • Certification of the instructor
  • Topics covered
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Instructor’s attitude toward pregnancy and birth
  • Participants should create own birth plans
  • Size of class as smaller classes of less than 10 couples are ideal
  • Welcoming and comfortable ambience irrespective of whether your baby’s dad is your spouse, friend or relative
  • Style of class – participatory or lecture
  • Whether the location, length and time of the class are easy for you
  • Cost of class

Finding a Class for Childbirth Exercises or Training

In case you are looking for a class to train you in child birth procedures, you should seek advice from your obstetrician or health care provider. The hospital, insurance plan or birthing center or friends are also places you can check out.

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