What are the most common pregnancy facts?

For every woman, being pregnant is a mixed emotion full of excitement and anxiety. Discussed below are some of phases that a woman typically goes through from getting pregnant to a child birth.

Scientifically, it can be explained as a development of one or multiple embryos within a female mammal’s body. For humans, it typically takes about 9 months for this embryo to fully develop into a human baby.

Understanding Trimester Periods

In order to better understand the timelines of pregnancy, the entire duration is briefly divided into 3 trimesters. The first trimesters carry the maximum risk of women losing her pregnancy leading to a miscarriage resulting into a natural death of the under-developed embryo. The second trimester paves way for accurately monitoring the growth of the fetus inside the body. The final and third trimester helps the fetus to prepare for outside world and surviving it.

Understanding the specifics of getting pregnant

Uniting a male sperm with a female egg or an oocyte results into the female mammal being pregnant, medically termed as the process of “fertilization”. This process occurs when a male ejaculates his sperm inside a woman during a sexual intercourse. The implantation of the fertilized egg on the uterine lining is usually the beginning of conception, although the first day of the previous menstrual cycle helps calculate delivery date for convenience sake. A release of gonadotropinhormone, a human chorionic post the implantation stimulates corpus luteum in female ovary. This results in increased levels of progesterone which leads to the body going through changes and symptoms that show early signs of pregnancy.

How does one accurately estimate the due date

The due date is primarily the date that a pregnant woman expects the baby to be born. The Merck Medical Manual has estimated the human pregnancy to last for 38 weeks or roughly 288 days which can take upto 40 weeks if counted from the last menstrual cycle. However, these can be regarded as mere estimated averages as the actual date depends on varied factors. Also notably, the first pregnancy period is usually longer as compared to ones after it.

Understanding the concept of a premature and post matured baby

Premature baby is usually born before completion of the average pregnancy cycle, usually someone born before 37 weeks is considered to be premature. Similarly, if a baby is born post the completion of the pregnancy cycle, after 43 weeks is considered to be a post matured baby. Results have shown that most babies are born within 2 weeks of the actual due date and only a small percentage of babies actually born on the stipulated due date.

Pregnancy results in a lot of physical, mental and emotional changes in a female body and is ideal to be constantly in advice of your family physician who will guide and explain the various changes occluding in the body and its consequences as the parents prepare to bring a new life into existence.

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