What are the common Teenage pregnancy facts?

Although the cases of teen pregnancy slowly fallen, still there are about one million of such cases exist in USA alone, according to a survey. More than 85% of these cases are unplanned. The major risk for these teen mothers is poor prenatal care or worse. The main reason for absence of prenatal care is due to late pregnancy tests, fear of speaking to others of their pregnancy etc. Therefore everyone should be aware of teenage pregnancy facts.

Since, the bodies of teens are under developed and in growing mode, they should have more nutrition to meet the demand for themselves and their baby. The intake of nutritious food should be increased as far as possible. Some time doctor may prescribe complete bed rest for the health of both mom and baby.

teenage pregnancy

Other teenage pregnancy facts are the problems of consuming drugs, alcohol, smoking etc. at teenage. These all are not safe at all during pregnancy. In reality, their use may complicate the pregnancy further including the likelihood of birth at premature stage.

All support should be provided from the family member and communities. Support is must for teenage mom. Although the news of teenage pregnancy is never pleasant, it has to be accepted for betterment of teenage mother and baby. Teen moms are also capable of delivering healthy babies. With the help of parents and other family member, teenage mom can take care of their babies. But the society should be educated to avoid teenage pregnancy as far as possible. The parent should take the responsibility of educate teens with teenage pregnancy facts and its aftermath

Teenage pregnancy facts can be summarized as:

  • 3 out of 10 teen girls in USA get pregnant at teenage at least once. Therefore, about 750,000 teen get pregnant in a year.
  • Teenage pregnancy is the primary reason for the teen girl’s dropping out of school. Among most of them (teen mothers) never complete their high school.
  • Even less than two percent of teenage mothers earn a degree from college by age of 30.
  • Most of teenage mothers have a second kid within 2 years of their first delivery.
  • One of the highest cases of teen age pregnancy rates exist in USA.
  • The teenage pregnancy rate has decreased 42 percent from 1990 – 2008.
  • In a survey in 2008, it was found that, there were about two and a half times higher pregnancy rate among white teenage girls from African cum American and Hispanic teenage girls having equal age group of 15-19.
  • Out of 10 teenage dads 8 teenage dad do not marry the mom of their baby.
  • An active teen with respect to sex who does not use contraceptives has a more than 90 percent probability of getting pregnant within one year.
  • About 50% of teenage moms have never thought how an early pregnancy may affect their whole lives.
  • Teenage had the lowest number of babies in 2010 in comparison to any year after mid 1940s.

Teen pregnancy is ever increasing in US. It is estimated to be 750,000 per year as 30% of the teens are getting pregnant before they reach 20 years. Because of the responsibility of the parenthood, most of the girls are dropping from schools. 50% of the teen mothers are never graduated in their life time. The percentage of teen mothers who earn a college degree below 30 years of age is less than 2%. 25% of teen mothers are having a second child within 2 years after conceiving the first baby. As a matter of fact, the United States leads the western countries in having the highest number of mothers in their teens.

teenage pregnancy facts

Importance of parental care

Most of the teen pregnancies that are happening in US are unplanned. The unplanned percentage stands at 85%. There will be lots of risk due to unplanned pregnancy. It is difficult to deliver parental responsibilities. If there is a delay in conducting the pregnancy testing, the parental care will not be there. Special care is required on behalf of teen mothers as nutritional support should be augmented so that the mother as well as the embryo will not be affected. The nutritional counseling will be done by either a doctor, or midwife or nutritionist. If the vitamins and nutrients are not supplied as per the requirement, it will lead to anemia, weight loss and many other complications. Hence, sufficient care should be taken to make the most of the teen pregnancy.

Risk with drugs

The risk of pregnancy and health will be very high if the teen mother is addicted to drugs and alcohol. These are not safe for pregnancy. Smoking should be avoided. If teenage mothers take risks with such kinds of exposure, there will be physical disabilities and premature births will happen. There will be a number of complications as well. It can lead to the damage of the brain of the infant. The health condition of the teen mother will further deteriorate if the baby is hospitalized due to physical or any other kind of deformity. There will be more stress and if there is no support from the husband, it will be a daunting task to rise up the child as a single mother.

How to have a healthy pregnancy?

It is possible to have a perfect and healthy pregnancy in their teenage as well. In order to achieve the same, special precautions and regular checkups are required. The teenagers should be educated about the consequences of unprotected sex and they should be educated to be responsible citizens. The issues that arise with an unplanned teen pregnancy will have an impact on the society as well. Hence, parents, doctors and social activists should be proactive in helping understand the consequences of unplanned teen pregnancy. In order to avoid difficulties and risks that will stay throughout their lives, parents should take lead in discussing with the children all things about life including the sex. By sharing your thoughts and sincere opinion, it is possible to motivate and mold the minds of teenagers so that they will take care about their health.

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