There is no need for you to spend lots of time calculating and estimating your due date – we will help you calculate it using our Due Date Calculator. The only data that you need to provide is your first day of last menstrual period or the possible date of conception or IVF. Bear in mind, that around 5% or less of women actually give birth on their estimated due date. The date provided by our due date calculator is only an estimate not unless you are sure of the date of conception.

Our due date calculator is easy to use. Simply tick on the data that you will provide. Once you have provided the data needed it will provide you a conception date. The result that you can get from he due date calculator will be based on the information that you will provide. The information you provide the calculator should be accurate. Although, it is not an assurance that it will generate he exact date of your baby’s birth. Normally, the calculator is around 80% accurate, thus it will help you to plan on things you need to complete before the date of the delivery.

Why use our due date calculator? As mentioned above, the date it provides will not guarantee that you will actually have your baby on that date. This will help you decide when you will start your maternity leave. Through this you will be able to inform your loved ones that you will probably have your baby on these dates, so that they will be available in case you need them. Most women are sing this tool to plan the time before and after they give birth. This will help you in preparing everything you need during delivery. It will also help you a lot in preparing yourself mentally for the big day.