Early Pregnancy Tests

Early pregnancy test refers to taking up test even before you have started missing your periods. Really, this is very early. But today with many technological innovations as well as discoveries things have become very simple. If you wish to know early in pregnancy that whether you are pregnant or not then you should look into the various symptoms that come into picture. You should also see to it that you don’t feel misguided. Because you are having feelings like you are pregnant, you should not start thinking of a pregnancy without any valid symptom.

Actually the best way to see to it that you are pregnant or not is testing with a home pregnancy kit. Yes, there are so many brands of kits available. You may talk to your doctor in regards to this and find out as to which one is the best in the market. If it is an early pregnancy test it is vital that you buy a kit that has more of sensitivity towards HCG. This is because if you do not have any idea as such about this, your test may go wrong. There are chances that you may be pregnant but too early you may not be able to find out the results. This is because HCG count in the body may be too low.

early pregnancy tests

However, when you are taking an early pregnancy test see to it that you follow all the instructions as mentioned in the kit.

Different kits have different instructions and that’s what you need to make sure about the kit that you are using. Gone are the days when female’s pregnancy was to be confirmed only by the doctor. Today a woman has become independent and even in this area has been enjoying such independence sometime later. It is important that whether the home test or early pregnancy test comes positive or negative you won’t get excited. You should maintain the emotional balance and then get the test confirmed at any reputed lab. There are chances that even if you are pregnant and find in the early test a negative report then you may be too discouraged and stop taking care of yours. This should not happen. If you suspect that you are pregnant then in spite of the negative report make it a point to check out the pregnancy next week through good brand of early pregnancy test kit.

Actually the early pregnancy test kit is not a magical tool. It has certain enzymes and which may react to the HCG that is present in the urine. This is how it works. There are so many people who do not use early pregnancy kits and merely depend on the period delay and several other symptoms. This should not be done as this may be a result of several hormonal changes taking place in the body. You should rely on some authentic source that mentions that you are pregnant or you are not pregnant. And an early pregnancy kit is something of this kind.

What is a EPT Kit?

EPT kit is nothing but an early pregnancy test kit. It has this name EPT because it is thought of to be a test that may also give you an apt result in the very early stages where you have not even realized that you may be pregnant. Early pregnancy kits are available in various medical stores. You may even buy EPT kits online.

These kits are available in different variations. Some are available in the form of a small rectangular plate where as some are used as kits that have a stick. EPT with the plate or with the stick are equally effective in results. You should be able to buy a brand that has good sensitivity with HCG.

There are so many symptoms that women talk of in pregnancy. But it is vital to note that most of these symptoms arise only when several months pass. These symptoms do not occur in the initial months. If you wish to know that whether you are pregnant or not while you have been planning a baby then you should find this out using an EPT kit.

There are so many females who have used this kit and are really very happy with the results that they get. They may get positive or negative results. But the questions is , how far are these kits authentic. Well, the answer is, these kits may give authentic results provided the HCG count in your blood has risen considerably. In some females HCG rise slowly in the blood and urine. And thus when they use an EPT they may get negative results. They may get disheartened due to this. If you have been planning a baby and have not yet got your periods then again check out using the kit within 4-5 days. If you are still not happy you may even get yourself tested in a good lab.

Actually, the point is, suppose if you have started feeling that you are pregnant and then you test with an EPT then an early result will help you to understand that you have to take care of your baby from the very early stages itself. This will help you in dealing with various things that arise on account of pregnancy. If you come to know early then you can avoid using hectic schedules, biking and other risky things.

If you have been planning a baby either naturally or with any of the assisted reproductive techniques then it is vital to check out that you are pregnant or not after 26th day of your cycle. This will help you to know the results quite early. You should use a good EPT kit that helps you to get the exact results. There are so many options for buying. You may buy online as well as offline. Remember, it is vital to note that most of these symptoms arise only when several months pass. These symptoms do not occur in the initial months. If you wish to know that whether you are pregnant or not.

How to use EPT Kits?

If you are planning to use a pregnancy test kit then in that case, it is important that you talk to your doctor first. He is the best person to guide you a he knows which is the right way to take a pregnancy test.

If you are using a home pregnancy kit for determination of pregnancy then you should take your first urine in the morning for this. Also, you should read all the instructions as mentioned on the kit and follow the same. The anxiety levels will be high for sure during this time. But you should control the same and read the manufacturer’s instructions properly and then only read the results. There are chances that sometimes the results may be falser negative. Do not panic. Confirm the entire home pregnancy test with blood test. This will help you to get the right decision.

Home pregnancy test is a perfect way of knowing as to whether you are pregnant or not. But still, the stick or the pad that you are using for testing your urine at home may not give you the exact results. This is because home pregnancy test kit may not be too sensitive to HCG or HCG may be less enough to give results of pregnancy.

There are so many brands available as fat as home pregnancy tests are concerned. You should however ask your doctor to give you an exact idea which brand is the best one in this. You should read all the instructions as mentioned on the kit and follow the same as mentioned. With this there will be a primary idea that whether you are pregnant or not. And whatever is the result, yes or no, it is important to note that a perfect blood and urine test will be required late on if you still continue missing your periods.

It is also vital that EPT instructions as mentioned on the leaflet should be followed properly. This will make it a perfect test. It means that you won’t face any problem as such while taking up a test.

Most of the people who have used this kit feel that there is nothing that is more good and accurate as compared to Clearblue Easy. Most of the health experts suggest that the results as given by this are 99 percent correct. And when you expect your period, if you do it on that day you will get results.

Really, this has brought about a revolution in the field of pregnancy tests. Most of the reviews that you find on the internet or various magazines declare that Clearblue Easy is truly a superb and the simplest way to find out whether you are bearing a new life or not in your womb.

However, when the comparison is to be done we can say that Blood tests are more accurate as compared to pregnancy tests urine. This is because they have the periods delayed and they are already having some symptoms of pregnancy. And there are chances that a home pregnancy test may not give you the accurate result. In that case it is vital to talk to you doctor and get the blood test done in the reputed lab.

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