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Eating Right During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time to find the best foods so that you can stay healthy. You should eat right. This does not mean that you should eat for two. It actually means that you should eat healthy so that both you and baby will have nourishment.

A nutritious diet should have specific vitamins and nutrients through out your nine months. It should fulfill the needs of the baby as well as the mother. During nine months you should have enough minerals and calcium too. There should be good intake of vitamin A and C too. This will ensure healthy teeth, skin and hair. Also, it will make sure that your baby has healthy development within the womb.

During the pregnancy there will be some amount of weight gain. It is vital that you gain weight in a healthy manner and not in an insensible way. If you keep on eating foods that are high in calories and fats then there will be problems during the pregnancy. Rather you should thrive on low fat yet nutritious diet so that the organs of the baby develop properly.

You should not be eating for two. If your normal diet has 2 chapatti it does not mean that in pregnancy you will have to eat 4 chapatti. Yes, but you need to be extra careful while baby is there on your womb. You should add 100 additional calories in your diet and this will suffice for the unborn baby. And this would mean 1 bar of granula or 1 small cup of yogurt.

This is the time when you can be pampered and demand all that you want. People around will fulfill all your wishes. But remember, you should not keep on demanding things that are junk like ice creams and burgers all the time. You should thrive on all that is good for your health like multigrain foods, brown rice and vegetables with fruits. You should know that certain problems like constipation and bowel problems will be there while you are pregnant. And therefore you should have more of fiber foods. This will help in regulation of bowel movements.

It is important to note that all those pregnant women who do not gain weight are also said to be healthy and in fact they are able to recover faster from labor and pregnancy blues than those who have gained too much of weight.

Have more of spinach, dried fruits, fruits, low fat milk and calcium supplements. You should visit your dietician and tell her to give you a diet plan which is good for you as well as your baby. This will give you a better picture as to which vitamins and minerals you should have the most. Whatever you eat, do not forget to add spinach, carrots and yogurt to it. This will supply you will good amount of vitamins. Also, you should start with folic acid supplements after talking to your doctor. This will make sure that your body gets all the vital nutrients.

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