Ensuring A Happy Pregnancy And Child Birth

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Pregnancy and depression are two things that often times go hand in hand. Even though the development of pregnancy and the time before and after the birth of a young child is a joyous time, many women suffer from various types of depression or anxiety during the process of pregnancy. The exact reason behind this is unknown, but scientists and doctors believe that the sudden rush of hormones that your body creates during pregnancy can alter the chemistry of a woman’s brain, causing mild to severe cases of anxiety or depression.

Pregnancy and depression – common factors

Although you cant hope to predict exactly how you will feel, there are a few common factors that will regularly trigger or worsen these negative feelings experienced among pregnant women. Fertility treatment and difficulty becoming pregnant can leave a lot of women stressed out, and the physical effects you receive from any sort of fertility treatment can also negatively alter your brain. Having to repeatedly view pregnancy test results that are negative is never a good feeling, so keep this in mind if you are having trouble controlling or understanding your feelings.

Families or individuals that have had problems with depression or anxiety are always at a larger risk. Additionally, relationship problems or issues arising from your pregnancy will always bring any woman down, so focusing on maintaining a happy and healthy relationship and body will do wonders for the way you feel during your pregnancy. Keeping a close eye on your pregnancy and health condition can also help. By choosing to contact a doctor or healthcare institution and thoroughly plan and prepare for your pregnancy and birth, it will likely help you feel more confident in whats to come. Plan regular visits to doctors; these visits will help assure you that everything is alright and what is happening to you is completely natural, healthy, and safe.

Things that have happened in your past can have a very detrimental affect on your mood as a whole. Soon-to-be mothers who have been the victim of any sort of abuse, sexual or otherwise, in their past might find themselves suffering from anxiety and other forms of depression during any of the stages of their pregnancy. Women who have had a miscarriage, abortion, or any other form of pregnancy loss might also suffer from mixed feelings during these troubling times. Even though a general feeling of moodiness is common among pregnancy, these feelings should still be discussed with a doctor, psychologist, or even your partner right away.

Pregnancy and depression – the bottom line

Dealing with these emotional issues during your pregnancy is very important. Large amounts of stress caused by depression or anxiety has even been noted to increase the chances of preterm labor. By making yourself aware of what is happening in your mind and body, you will have a better chance of controlling some of these negative feelings during pregnancy and depression, making it possible to truly enjoy and prepare for the birth of your new baby.

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