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How to Exercise Safely during Multiples Pregnancy

It is important to maintain a healthy diet. Once you come to know that you are expecting multiples, you need to increase your weight, consume more calories and perhaps even expect enhanced symptoms of pregnancy. This should be complemented with an enhanced exercise routine and you need to know what is best suited both for you as well as for your babies.


Safety of Exercise

There are various kinds of doubts related to as to whether it is safe for you to exercise during multiples pregnancies. In a single pregnancy, your doctor would recommend about 30 minutes of exercise everyday. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women carrying multiples should not exercise and aerobics as there are high risks involved for potential problems. You should consult about your health with your health care expert. Physical activity before pregnancy may recommend you to stay active as long as your health expert suggests so.

What are the Multiples Pregnancy Exercises?

After you have had the permission from your health care expert, you should start an exercise routine. If you were in the habit of taking walks everyday before pregnancy, you should be able to carry on walking in the first months of being pregnant. Weightless exercises are often recommended for enhanced tolerance. You may also practice exercises like swimming, stationary biking and arm exercises. To a lot of women, the pool’s buoyancy is comfortable. Kegel exercises and yoga are also resorted to.

Exercises to Avoid during Multiples Pregnancy

Make sure that you do not practice any kind of exercise that requires you to stay flat on your back. Resistance as well as weight training exercises must also be stopped. You should not exercise if the temperature is hot and moisture laden, or if you are running a temperature. Avoid sauna and hot tub baths.

Signs that You should Stop Exercising

You must inform your health care expert about your exercise regimen all along your pregnancy.

  • You feel as if you have contractions
  • Pelvic pressure
  • Vaginal discharge or bleeding
  • Lightheaded feeling
  • Feet swelling

Reducing Exercises

You can carry on exercising as long as you are feeling alright without complications. At times, health providers require women to cut down on their exercises once they attain the 20th week of pregnancy (28th week for single pregnancies). Complications requiring total or partial bed rest will reduce checking exercises earlier on.

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