What To Expect At Your First Prenatal Appointment?

Pregnancy and birth are frightening processes, especially for first time mothers. As soon as she realizes her pregnancy test results are positive, especially if hers is an unplanned pregnancy, a woman may fall victim to panic. She may not believe that there is any possibility that she can successfully carry her child to term, much less raise her child. In some circumstances she may be overcome with shame, or she may have episodes of denial that keep her from seeking treatment. It is important that she do so, though, to maximize the possibility of a positive outcome for her pregnancy and health future.

Pregnancy and birth issues

Can You Trust a Clinic? Some women may fear that if they go to a clinic, all control of their maternity and health will be taken away from them. If their condition is public knowledge, friends and relatives may already be telling them things that they absolutely have to do. That will not happen in a clinic. All the decisions belong to the expectant mother. No one will even know what happens inside those walls unless the mother wants them to know. The staff will present her with options and may make recommendations based on her situation, but decisions about the maternity conditions are made by the pregnant woman.

The Check-In Process. Whether a woman goes for her first appointment to her personal physician or gynecologist to discuss her pregnancy and health issues, visits a general health clinic or one specializing in reproductive health, the first steps will be familiar. She will sign in at the desk and fill out a medical history if she has not used this facility before, being sure to note any medications she is taking or has taken recently. She will discuss payment arrangements with the staff. After a short wait, she goes to an examination room.

The Consultation. The first appointment for prenatal care is almost always the longest. First the conception will be confirmed, because over the counter tests sometimes “rarely, but sometimes” fail. Once it is certain that a mother is pregnant, there will be questions, some that seem quite personal, to determine the stage of development the baby has reached. There will be blood and urine tests and a pelvic examination to make sure everything is okay with her gestation and health, and possibly a skin test for tuberculosis.

Maternity Counseling. Someone will explain all the tests that are available to pregnant women, when they are appropriate and what they reveal. Information will be made available about things the mother may do during her pregnant state that might affect her baby for its whole life. Finally she will be asked to schedule her next appointment at the clinic, and will be referred to any other facilities whose services she may elect to use.


First time mothers should have no qualms about seeing a doctor early to take care of their condition and health needs. It is only the first time for her; the staff are specialists who have done it many, many times before. They are there to help her through the process of pregnancy and birth.

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