First Time Moms FAQs

Pregnancy can be a worried duration for any mother, mostly for those who are about to deliver their first baby. Be prepared to receive advice from a whole bunch of people whether you are in the mood of taking it or not. However, it is best if you follow the advice offered to you by your physician if you would like to follow any advice. Following are some of the frequently asked questions by first time moms.

How painful is birth?

Frankly, yes. Although the degree of pain differs vastly for each woman. This will greatly depend on the method of preparation along with the way in which delivery happens. Preparing yourself for the process helps in the way you deal with the agony. If you are too anxious about your pregnancy, you can consult with your closest female relative as more likely than not, you will experience a similar birth process as she would have. You need to primarily remember that this pain is quite controllable inspite of which some women opt for pain reliving medications, which are optional if you may need.

How can I determine a healthy baby?

At this point, your physician will be able to help you out. The fact that they make use of scientifically advanced tools which combined with their years of experience and judgement will help you determine what is best for you and your baby’s health. Once you start experiencing morning sickness, tiredness and mood swings, they will be the best leads to tell you if these are just usual pregnancy factors or if something is severely wrong. Obviously, these physicians are best advisors but at the end it is your judgement that matters.

How fat will I get?

Most of this will depend on how your body was before you got pregnant. An ideal calculation suggests that for a fully nourished baby in a mother’s womb, an additional 25 to 35 pounds is needed. Consult your doctor or physician if you feel that you are gaining too much or too less of weight. More important than the amount of weight gain is the factor of how you gain it. A healthy diet will help you and your baby’s health.

Will having coffee and Soda adversely affect?

The answer to this question is quite contrasting depending on what your physician believes in. Some may prefer having caffeine in moderate amounts while others are completely against it. Since most of it may depend on the type of case, you need to consult your physician about your health specifics. Although you should not stop consumption of beverages like milk, water and juice sometimes.

Should I be wearing a seat belt?

This more or less depends on the manner in which you wear a seat belt, but is the best manner in which you can protect yourself and baby in case of unfortunate accidents. Advisable manner of wearing a belt is across your hip and below the belly. As your tummy gets larger, it is advisable that you opt for an extended seat belt.

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