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How to Conceive a Boy

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of couples seeking to have kids of a particular gender. Some want a boy child while others would do everything to have a girl child. While the reasons differ among couples, the truth of the matter is that both have legitimate reasons as to why they would want a child of a particular gender. If you’ve just landed here, chances are that you are looking for information on how to conceive a baby boy. The clamor or desire for a baby boy could be informed by a number of reasons best known to a given couple.
For some, the desire could be borne out of the need for gender balancing, need for a boy to carry on a family name, someone to teach a certain family sport, pride and fulfillment among many others. whichever reason a couple might be harboring for learning how to conceive a baby boy, the truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with a couple stacking the odds in their favor for the gender of their choosing. There are indeed a number of methods that couples can use to conceive a baby boy.

Basically, couples can resort to visiting a gender clinic, doing what is known as sperm or embryo sorting or simply put to implant an already fertilized egg. However, as you already know, the above mentioned methods are somewhat expensive and out of reach for many modest couples. Am particularly concerned about natural methods on how one can conceive a baby boy. To conceive a baby boy naturally, a couple must learn a few basic things. One is that a man’s sperms carries both Y and X chromosomes and therefore plays an important role in the determination of a baby’s gender.

If sperm Y (boy) fertilizes an egg, the resultant baby will be a boy. Alternatively, if sperm X (girl fertilizes an egg, the resultant baby will be a girl. Y sperms are believed and known but be fast swimmers but the downside is that they die faster than the X sperms. In this regard, if you have been wondering on how to conceive a baby boy, you need to take into consideration a few things.


Optimal timing

Considering the fact that the Y sperm does not survive for long, its germane that you conceive closely to the time an egg is available for fertilization (preferably during ovulation). The reason for this is that the Y sperm dies off quickly and hence will not wait for the female egg for long. Optimal timing is thus very important in this regard and I would recommend the use of saliva for the accurate prediction of ovulation.

Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby Boy

There are some couples who find the basic assumption that sex positions can influence the gender of a baby outrageous. The truth of the matter is that sex positions indeed play an important role in determining the sex of a child. That said; it’s germane that couples who want a baby boy use various sex positions during intercourse. Rather than resorting to scientific ways of conceiving a baby boy, a number of natural, free and safe ways exist. Sex positions just happen to be one of them in helping couples get a gender of their choice.

We all know that the Y chromosome is responsible for the conception of a baby child. However, the Y sperm has also been found to die fast hence drastically reducing chances of a boy conception especially when it has to travel a long distance. In this regard, sex positions that make it possible for a man to deposit sperms near to the cervix and shortening the distance for it to travel is of essence. In this particular piece, I am going to list a number of sex positions that are considered effective in conception of a baby boy.

Rear entry (commonly referred to as doggy style)

Couples trying to conceive a boy will find the rear entry one of the most effective. The reason this position is quite effective is because it allows for deeper penetration and ultimate when a man ejaculates, the sperms are deposited closer to the cervix hence making it possible for the Y sperms to travel a short distance to fertilize and egg. Considering the fact that Y sperms travel faster but die fast, this particular sexual position is effective.

Sex while standing up

Apparently, stand up sex position also has a great impact on a couple that it trying to conceive a baby boy. Just like the rear entry position, stand up allows for deep penetration and is quite effective for the first Y sperm to reach and fertilize an egg. While it has not been backed by science, this particular position is worth a shot if you are hoping to conceive a baby boy.

Riding position

The riding sex position is effective as it allows for deep sex making the deposit of sperms as nearer to the cervix as possible. It’s recommended that a man takes coffee prior to this sex position as it gives the sperm the necessary heat to speed up the sperm travel.

Choose a sex position that makes you orgasm

While we might be advocating for the above mentioned positions as effective to conceive a boy, the truth of the matter is that we all have preferences with sex positions. Ideally, it’s important that you settle for a position that can make you orgasm and enjoy sex. The reason behind this is an orgasm makes a woman’s vagina more alkaline which inadvertently makes it suitable for a male sperm. In this regard, you need to settle for a position that best helps you attain orgasm and improve your chances of getting a boy child!

Diet/Food That Enhances Conception Of A Baby Boy

In as much as some people might view the idea of gender selection as unacceptable and goes against the norms, the truth of the matter is that this practice has been around for ages. Indeed, couples choose a particular gender based on their own reasons. Some want a baby boy to add to their brood of girls, others want a boy to carry on their family name, to balance a family among many other things. When it comes to choosing the gender of a child, there are those who settle for clinical methods that are not only expensive but also risky. Alternatively, there are those who resort to natural ways of how to conceive a boy.

In addition to sex positions, optimal timing, the use of a Chinese chart calendar, the diet or foods that a couple eats goes a long way in informing whether they would get a baby boy or not. If you are a couple and wish to get a baby boy to add to your family, it’s recommended that you check the diet you take. A proper diet is of essence especially when planning to get pregnant 3 months prior. That being said, what are some of the foods that you should take to enhance your chances of conceiving a baby boy?

Consume food that is high in potassium and sodium diet

Research has shown that foods that are rich in sodium as well as potassium are very effective in helping a couple conceive a baby boy. As a couple, you need to balance or include foods in your diet that are rich in potassium as well as sodium. To enjoy foods rich in sodium intake, you can basically partake of the following:
a. Luncheon meat
b. Canned soup
c. Table salt
d. Seafood
e. Sausage
f. Ham
g. Crackers

To increase the consumption of potassium in the diet, a couple looking forward to conceive a baby boy should partake of the following:
i. Mushrooms
ii. Beans
iii. Peanut butter
iv. Baked potatoes
v. Avocado
vi. Spinach
vii. Apricots
viii. Squash

High energy diet

Of course, if you are seeking to increase your chances of conceiving a boy, then partaking high energy foods is of essence. High energy foods are instrumental in enhancing the chances of conceiving a baby boy. Such foods include wheaties, cheerios, energy bars as well as peanut butter.

The get a boy diet

Apparently, the boy diet is believed to drastically decrease calcium and magnesium levels in the body. In this regard, a couple that is looking to conceive a baby boy should ensure that the diet they take does not in any way reduce the chances of them getting a baby boy. A couple should avoid consumption of dairy products, and reduce consumption of egg yolks as well as nuts.
The above information goes a long way in ensuring that a couple increases the chances of getting a baby boy. It’s no longer about expensive medical approaches but simply a change of lifestyle, diet, optimal timing and ensuring that the conditions are right for the conception of a boy!

Chinese Calendar To Conceive A Boy

Whether we like it or not, there is no denying that the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese has somehow influenced various aspects of our lives. We have come to look up to some of their cultures to find solutions to our queries. In the Chinese setting, a male child is celebrated and designed to play important roles in the family as well as society as a whole. Important decisions and responsibilities are placed upon a male child and this is why the desire to conceive a baby boy has always been germane not only among the Chinese but also in different parts of the world.

Gender selection based on the Chinese calendar has been used for centuries now. The Chinese calendar to conceive a boy or girl has been in use for over 7 centuries or in other words over 700 years. This particular Chinese calendar is effectively used by couples to determine the selection of a gender they are interested in. found 700 years ago in a royal tomb, the Chinese calendar for gender selection has gained immense popularity across the globe. The concept of the gender selection used by the Chinese calendar is primarily based on astrology. What this essentially means is that it adopted the observation of the changing patterns in the sky.

For someone who has never used the Chinese calendar to conceive a boy, a glance at it may be confusing. However, when you understand the how the diagram operates and really study it, you will find how useful and rewarding using this calendar can be. In fact, it’s only by understanding how the calendar works that you can accurately and effectively determine the gender of your child. That said; let me summarize how you can use the Chinese calendar to choose the gender of your child.

At the top of the Chinese calendar chart for gender determination, there is a row indicating a woman’s age and a left column detailing the number of months for a woman’s conception. Ideally, the Chinese calendar works through cross referencing of a woman’s age with that of her months conception. What a woman simply needs to do is simply cross point her age and the month of her conception to determine the gender of the baby she would have if she had intercourse on that particular day. One can effectively do this regularly until such a time when she is sure that she can comfortably conceive a baby boy.

The Chinese calendar to conceive a boy has been widely used not only among the Chinese but also worldwide. The fact that it’s natural, free to use and has been in use for century has somehow propelled its popularity to greater heights. While there are many people who might be questioning the accuracy of the Chinese chart, many couples find the idea of it having been in use for centuries and the fact that its 100% natural quite alluring and safe. If you have been wondering how to conceive a boy, maybe it’s time you gave the Chinese calendar a chance!

In a nutshell, the aforementioned methods on how to conceive a boy are not only natural but also cost effective ways. You simply need to check your diet, make accurate timing and ensure that sex positions favor your choice of a boy child!

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