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How to Conceive a Girl

From time immemorial, couples have exhibited different preferences for the kind of baby gender they want. While it’s difficult to exactly explain the reasons for each couple for wanting a particular gender, a quick explanation would be for personal reasons. How to conceive a girl is something that many couples grapple with. The couple could be having enough number of boys or are simply interested to have a baby girl to complete the family. If you have queries or wondering on how you can conceive a baby girl, please fasten your seat belt as I bring you up to speed.
For starters, you need to realize that conceiving a baby girl requires that you have full knowledge of your ovulation circle as the particular or exact time you engage in intercourse. Essentially, a good understanding of the ovulation cycle means that you stand a higher chance of accurately determining the gender off your child with positive results. An understanding of your ovulation cycle basically means that you can accurately know the time when you ovulate and engage in intercourse with the expectation of your gender in mind. To put more into perspective, allow me to indulge you!


Optimal timing

A woman only has the X chromosome while a man has both a Y chromosome known as the male sperm as well as the X chromosome known as the female sperm. When the X sperm fertilizes the egg, the resultant is a baby gal. On the other hand, when the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, the resultant is a baby boy. For there to be a successful conception of a baby girl a woman must ensure that the X chromosome fertilizes the egg. On the outside, this might seem quite simple but that’s not the case.

It takes a deep knowledge an understanding of your ovulation cycle to be able to accurately pin point the time when intercourse will result to conception of a baby girl. For those who are not in the know, the viability of the Y sperm is not as viable as the X chromosome. Essentially, the Y chromosome travels faster than the X chromosome but also dies faster. What this essentially means is that the X chromosome can stay alive for as long as 4 days. In this regard, if you know the exact time when you ovulate, it’s advisable that you have intercourse at least 4 days to ovulation and stop!

Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Girl

Since the time when you were a little girl, you’ve always fantasized about having a beautiful little baby girl. You have numerous times found yourself building castles in the air of how beautiful to have a little girl would be like. Now that you’ve come of age, all you can think of is how to make your dream a reality. You are constantly wondering how you can determine the gender of your expected child. Fortunately, there are a number of natural methods at your disposal. You can decide to go the Chinese calendar way, the Shettles way, or have deep knowledge of your ovulation cycle.

But as we all know, conception starts with sex. This is why I am going to look at a few sex positions that enhance your chances of getting a girl child. While these sex positions do not offer 100% of getting a girl child, they improve your chances immensely.

Girl on top position

Yeah its right! The girl on top position is a sure way of ensuring you get a girl child. Yearning for a girl child? Why not come on top and control everything? Apparently, the reason why girl on top is one of the best sex positions is because the woman can control the depth of penetration during sex. When a man is about to ejaculate he should not ejaculate deep but near the entrance of the vagina hence increasing the chances of the X chromosome travelling all the way to fertilize the egg. The idea is that male sperm has a short life span and therefore ejaculating further from the cervix gives a female sperm high chance of fertilizing the egg hence a baby girl!

Missionary style position

Rolling your eyes? It apparently turns the world famous sex position is all you need to hit the jackpot and get your little bundle of baby girl. The missionary position has been touted as the best position since penetration is not as deep as when using say the rear entry. Considering the fact that the male sperm dies faster and the female sperm can survive a number of days. The female sperm can travel all the way and fertilize the egg hence conceiving a baby girl.

Spoon position

Of course, every single girl loves to spoon. The reason why it’s one of the favorites when considering conceiving a girl is because it does not allow for deeper penetration hence prolonging the distance that both the Y and X chromosome have to travel. The longer the distance of the egg to travel the better the chances of the female egg fertilizing the egg!

Be it as it may, timing plays a very important role in addition to the sex positions mentioned above. You need to ensure that your timing is right if you want to get the gender of choice. A woman who is seeking to conceive a girl should ensure that the man comes before her or simply does not experience an orgasm at all. An orgasm makes the vagina alkaline which is a favorable environment for the male sperm. As such, you should not orgasm! This might sound strange and unpopular to many but then, how desperate are you for the baby girl?

Diet/Food-Foods That Help In Conceiving A Girl

A quick question around as to why couples or parents want a baby girl brings to the fore a lot of interesting answers. Apparently, there are those who are skeptic about gender linked disorders mostly linked to the male child and therefore wish to have a female child. To others, the desire is informed by the fact that they already have enough male children. Whatever the reason, helping these beautiful people understand how to conceive a girl is of essence. In this particular piece, I am going to bring you up to speed on how your diet can help you in conceiving a baby girl.

The food a woman eats or the diet she subscribes to plays a very important role in determining how easy she can conceive a baby girl. Research done by the Maastricht University in the beautiful country of Netherlands found that the diet a woman takes plays a very important role in determining the sex of a child. Though the research might be discounted in certain quotas who believe that the whole conception thing is scientific, studies have shown that a diet of calcium and magnesium is quite instrumental in the conception of a baby girl.

A woman should specifically ensure that she increases the rate at which she consumes foods rich in calcium and magnesium. Foods rich in magnesium are not favorable to a male a sperm hence increasing the chances of a female sperm fertilizing the egg. Some of the foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium are:
a) Vegetables i.e. broccoli and spinach
b) Oatmeal
c) Tofu and yogurt
d) Cashew nuts and almonds
e) Beans

Alternatively, you should keep at bay foods that are rich in sodium and potassium as they have been found to provide a favorable environment to the male sperm. A woman should avoid foods such as:
I. Pastries and bread
II. Processed meats or bacons
III. Potatoes
IV. Olives
V. Shrimp, smoked salmon and Anchovies

What many women don’t seem to realize is that a diet plays an important role more than the actual sex itself. If you are not sure whether the diet you are used to is enhances your chances of conceiving a girl or not, it’s germane that you consult a doctor who understands about the diet. There is nothing as good as desiring for something and ultimately achieving it. Other than the diets/foods that enhance the conception of a baby girl, a woman should also combine that with popular sex positions that have been known to increase chances of conceiving a girl.

Additionally, the use of a Chinese calendar for sex determination and a good understanding ones ovulation cycle is of essence. Apparently, understanding your ovulation cycle can go a long way in determining the exact time you are supposed to have intercourse with your partner. This is essential as the male and female sperms have different life spans hence the need to accurately know when you will be ovulating!

Chinese Calendar To Conceive A Girl

The popularity of the Chinese calendar for determining gender selection has soared against a backdrop of increased skepticism and criticism from certain quotas. There are people out there who do not believe in the use of a calendar to accurately determine the gender of a baby or a boy. To them, the whole thing about gender determination should be left to the natural biological processes. Fortunately, there are natural ways through which individuals can choose the gender of their kids. If you and your partner are passionate about conceiving a baby girl, the use of the Chinese calendar to conceive a girl can come handy.

Since the rediscovery of the Chinese calendar from a royal tomb over 700 years ago, its use has become spectacular, revered and respectable not only among the Chinese but also worldwide. When the calendar was discovered, there were a lot of scrutinization among the westerners but with time this particular calendar has gained immense popularity and respect across the globe. Basically, the Chinese calendar chart uses a combination of the Chinese lunar age as well as a woman’s month of conception. Considering the fact that majority of westerners use the Gregorian calendar, it’s germane that a woman gets to determine their equivalent Chinese lunar age.

By the use of the Chinese calendar to conceive a girl, you can accurately cross reference your age to that of your month’s conception and get to determine on which day or month you can conceive a baby girl. Of course, there are those who question whether the Chinese calendar is accurate or not. Given the number of skeptics out there, this question should not be a surprise. The use of the Chinese calendar is considered to be over 90% accurate. What this essentially means is that a couple can effectively rely on it to determine the gender of their child.
On top of the calendar is a row with the Chinese lunar age while the left column shows the corresponding month of conception. China as a country has influenced various aspects of the society. The country is believed to have had well established and close knit societies even before the ancient world became a reality. The fact that Chinese have been using the calendar to determine gender of their children for centuries should clear any ebbs of doubt that some people might be harboring. The truth is, if you are seeking to get positive results with conceiving a baby girl, then understanding how the Chinese calendar works is of essence.

However, this is not the only way you can determine the girl gender of your child. Accurately understanding when your ovulation takes places and engaging in intercourse according can improve your chances of getting a baby child. The X chromosome is believed to be more viable than the Y and hence stays for a long time. In this regard, you should engage in intercourse at least 4 days before ovulation and you can be sure that the Y chromosome which is responsible for a male child would have died by the time. Using this in addition to the celebrated Chinese calendar to conceive a girl is all you need!

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