How to Get Pregnant with Tilted Uterus – Separating the Truths from the Myths

Tilted Uterus

How to get pregnant with tilted uterus? – Do you know that about 20% of women all over the world are asking this question? You got it about 20% of women have tilted uterus, also called tipped or retroverted uterus.

If you are asking how to get pregnant with tilted uterus too, then you are definitely asking a wrong question.

How to Get Pregnant with Tilted Uterus?

Actually, you don`t have to perform a trick or say a mantra just to get pregnant if you have a tilted uterus. A retroverted uterus is normal just like the difference of hair color, skin color, and eye color. Therefore, how to get pregnant with tilted uterus is similar to getting pregnant with a non-tilted uterus.

As long as the egg cell and sperm cell meet and become fertilized, you definitely can become pregnant whether you do any ritual or not.

Women with Tilted Uterus Experience Painful Pregnancy

Having a retroverted uterus is a condition and not a disease. However, there are certain diseases that are connected to having this condition. A woman will only feel pain during pregnancy if she is suffering from diseases like pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, and fibroid tumor.

Most of these women suffer from pain when having sexual intercourse, pelvic pain during ovulation and menstruation, minor incontinence, back pain during menstruation, and urinary tract infection. If you have these symptoms, you better ask a doctor to treat your before you ask on how to get pregnant with tilted uterus.

Occasional Pregnancy Difficulty

In some cases, women with retroverted uterus should really ask how to get pregnant with tilted uterus because doing so can become difficult.

Sexual intercourse for a woman with tilted uterus is sometimes painful. This pain often hinders one`s ability to get pregnant. But as long as your partner knows your condition, doing so will not be a problem. One way to resolve this is by finding the not-painful position.

Getting your doctor`s help is worthy as well. Doctors can correct the position of your uterus and you will have a less painful way on how to get pregnant with tilted uterus. Other doctors will try to correct your condition by using a pessary. However, some experts say inserting this thing into the vagina makes you vulnerable from infection, which lessens your ability to get pregnant.

Pregnancy Myths

Myth has it that you can be successful on how to get pregnant with tilted uterus if you and your partner took a hot shower before the intercourse. Experts tell otherwise.

Doctors say that taking a hot shower for men is a big no-no because the warm temperature lessens the volume of sperm. Lesser sperm means lesser chances of getting pregnant.

The testis is naturally made to hang from the male body so it remains cool. Being cool makes the sperm healthier and more. And you know for sure that healthier sperm and more sperms help a lot on how to get pregnant with tilted uterus or even with normal uterus. This natural wonder can be disrupted with a warm shower.

Actually, there are still more myths and even some scientific truths you should avoid in order to get pregnant. Read the book Pregnancy Miracle and you`ll know that getting pregnant even with a retroverted uterus is very possible. All you have to do is follow special techniques on how to get pregnant with tilted uterus.

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