The Important Link Between Stress and Trying to Conceive Process

Stress is an emotional problem but it always affects our physical. No wonder why stress and trying to conceive are connected. If you are stressed, chances are, trying to conceive will be more difficult. But is there any scientific truth on the connection between stress and trying to conceive process?

The Science Behind Stress and Trying to Conceive

When you decide to get pregnant, it`s usually okay to wait for one, two, or three months. But if nothing happens on the fourth month or after a year, couples usually face a great stress. Stress happens because they can`t get pregnant no matter what they do. Although most people can`t help it, but controlling stress while trying to conceive is very helpful.

Stress is known to negatively impact the hypothalamus functions. The hypothalamus is a brain gland responsible in regulating your emotions and appetite. Hypothalamus also affects the hormones telling your body to release eggs. So if you are stressed out, the hormones won`t be normal in telling your body to finally release egg cells.

The stress and trying to conceive process is indirectly linked because of this. But the good news is that stress can only delay the release of egg cells and not actually make you infertile.

Managing Stress When Trying to Conceive

Stress can affect your chance to conceive fast. To reverse this, you should follow certain stress management tips ideal for couples trying to get pregnant. Here are some simple things you can do to reverse the link between stress and trying to conceive process:

  • Have a regular exercise that is ideal for a conceiving couple. Extreme exercises can lessen your chance to get pregnant. Just do a regular exercise, say 15 minutes everyday. Walking and stretching are great exercises. The best about exercise is that it helps release the “happy” hormones, making you feel less stressed.
  • Eat the right foods for stressed people. Drinking more water and eating more fibrous foods help manage your stress. More watery intake helps release the toxic that might be affecting your stress level.
  • Have a meditation. Sometimes, stopping and thinking for a while can already resolve stress. This is the most ideal stress management technique if your stress is caused by almost non-stop work. Even a simple meditation can already help you resolve stress.
  • Give more time doing the things you enjoy. It`s stressful to spend almost your entire life on a work that you don`t really enjoy. If you do, better have a break. Take a leave for some days and do the things you really enjoy. This is a good way to release stress and to finally break the link between stress and trying to conceive process.
  • Laugh. Laughing is a good exercise that can also help release happy hormones. So watch a funny movie or just laugh for no reason at all. Remember, laughter is the best medicine???even for breaking the stress and trying to conceive link.

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