An Intro To Pregnancy Test Accuracy

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Many people are curious about pregnancy test accuracy. They may wonder why an over the counter test showed a negative result but a trip to the doctor showed that they were indeed pregnant. On the other hand, they may wonder why a home test said that they were pregnant, but a trip to the doctor advised them that they were not pregnant. This article will explain why those things occur, and it will explain which tests are the most accurate and why.

Pregnancy Test Accuracy Pros and Cons

Most OTC tests are urine tests, and these can offer some pregnancy test accuracy if they are taken within the correct window of time. If they are taken too soon, they will show a negative result. If they are taken after the sixth seek, they will also show negative pregnancy test results. Urine can also differ in quality. That means that if you take the test after drinking a lot of water or other liquids that the urine may be too watery, and it will be difficult for the test to accurately measure the hormone levels.

Best Pregnancy Test

For the best pregnancy test accuracy, women need to rely on blood tests. These are not found in over the counter varieties and are usually only administered in a doctor’s office. These tests are accurate because they analyze the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin that is in the woman’s blood stream. There are two types of these tests. One of them simply looks at whether or not there is any of this hormone in the blood stream while the other one looks at how much of this hormone is in the blood stream. This hormone is made by the woman’s placenta not long after the embryo is implanted on the uterine lining. An over the counter urine test actually tests for the presence of the same hormone. However, it cannot measure small amounts like the blood tests can, and thus, the blood test can detect a pregnancy over a much larger window than the urine test can.

In some cases, the doctor or midwife may not even require you to take a blood test. They can often tell whether or not you are pregnant with a vaginal exam or an external exam. A skilled certified nurse midwife or direct entry midwife can often estimate how far a woman is in her pregnancy simply by feeling the woman’s abdomen. Once you realize that you are pregnant, it is time to start thinking about pregnancy and health. Whether you have wanted a baby for years or are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, it is still important to take care of yourself and your growing baby.

Pregnancy Test – Conclusions

If you do not feel that your home test has been accurate, then you should contact a doctor and make an appointment as soon as possible. As you can see, pregnancy test accuracy is dependent on many factors and is really only 100% accurate if administered by a doctor or midwife.

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