Menstrual Cycle 101

Menstrual Cycle 101

How long have you been trying to get pregnant???months or years? Doctors say that if you are trying almost a year to get pregnant, then you and your partner should have a check up to know what`s wrong and how to resolve this ???wrong.??? However, even despite trying almost anything, there are couples who still find it hard to conceive. Ridiculous, but some couples are doing it everyday just to make sure!

Doing it Everyday?

Most people think that doing it everyday leads to 100% success rate. On the contrary, doing this lessens the chance to get pregnant. This is because healthy sperms are spilled out often that there is insufficient time to produce more child-bearing semen.

So you should really save up those sperms and simply learn the cycle for getting pregnant. This way, you`ll know when your partner should spill it on to ensure higher success to getting pregnant.

Luckily, you don`t actually need to do it everyday if you only know the cycle for getting pregnant.

Menstrual Cycle for Getting Pregnant

You have probably heard menstrual cycle and ovarian cycle. Actually, these two cycles are different, though connected.

Menstrual cycle is the usual 28-day period that begins on the first day of your bleeding and stops the day before the next period starts. Meanwhile, the ovarian cycle is the process wherein the egg cell is expelled from the ovary. The ovarian cycle is included in the menstrual cycle.

Menstrual cycle for getting pregnant is divided into two???the pre-ovulation period and the post-ovulation period.

Pre-Ovulation Cycle for Getting Pregnant

The first day of this period is the day the bleeding begins. This is your menstrual flow, which lasts for three to five days. Every woman has their own number of days for menstrual flow. You simply need to determine the average days in your case.

On the seventh day of this period, the egg cell begins to ripe, which is caused by different hormonal changes. In between this day and the 11th day, the uterus lining begins to produce thicker fluids. You`ll notice it when you get cervical mucus from your vagina.

After that period, the egg cell becomes very ripe and ready to be released to the ovary. It will start to travel down to the fallopian tube, where it will wait for a sperm to fertilize it.

Post-Ovarian Cycle for Getting Pregnant

This period of menstrual cycle for getting pregnant is signaled with an increased body temperature. By this time, the egg is already travelling from the fallopian tube to the uterus. The egg cell will expire after 24 hours of staying in the uterus if it is not fertilized. But what if fertilization occurred?

If fertilized, the egg cell will be implanted in the uterus and that marks the first day of pregnancy.

Overall, this post-ovarian cycle for getting pregnant lasts for about 14 days. It is best you determine your own phasing so you`ll know how many days your menstrual cycle is. Usually, you are most fertile on the middle of that entire cycle. That is the perfect time to try getting pregnant.

Sounds like a hassle? Patience is really needed to get pregnant especially for women like you who find it hard to be pregnant.

Now, if knowing the basic of menstrual cycle for getting pregnant will not work for you, then better try the technique suggested by Pregnancy Miracle. Thousands of women who experienced difficulty getting pregnant used the same method and now, they are all happy mothers. Trying this technique won`t hurt you, anyway. It might even be the answer to your prayers.

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