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Myths about Sex after Pregnancy

There are myths doing the rounds that women do not enjoy sex after pregnancy. This is not correct. Most women, especially those who have become mothers for the first time, are inclined towards their babies. This fact is often misinterpreted by their husbands. They feel as if they are being ignored by their partner. This problem can be easily resolved if one has the will. How about turning on a special movie that will rekindle her interest for sex after childbirth? Men often feel sad and dejected when they see their partner breastfeeding their child, while they remain ignored.

How about kissing her on her sensitive spots, even if she keeps on ignoring you? Sooner or later, she will relent and will offer her softness and comfort to you. Generally males do not know the immense physical and mental strain a women undergoes during pregnancy. Carrying a fetus in their womb is not a simple task and then there are post operation complications… more so if the delivery is by cesarean operation. Males should try to approach their partners carefully if they are interested in lovemaking after pregnancy.

They might have their favorite postures of performing sex, but they should keep in mind that not all postures are suitable for women when undergoing sex after childbirth. Certain sex positions put pressure on the abdomen and these positions should be avoided at all costs. They can cause long term damage to the body of the woman. Have you ever wondered why is your wife ignoring you when you approach her for sex after childbirth? Chances are that she is not comfortable to disclose the scars inflicted on her. In this case, the onus is on you to make her comfortable and ensure that she does not feel self conscious.

There are many ways of achieving this. You can kiss and cuddle her or you can show her a special movie that will arouse her passions. You can be rest assured that sooner or later she will respond back and provide you with much more that you have. Sex after pregnancy takes place, but sometimes it might take place a bit later than the males expect. In a way, this is quite good for the health of the woman. Physicians opine that it is best not take have postpartum sex for about 5 to 6 weeks post delivery.

The body and mind of the woman faces a massive toll during the time she is pregnant to the time she delivers the kid and it take some time for her to come out of the shell inflicted by this trauma. During this period males should be patient and should not force her to have postpartum intercourse if she does not feel like it. The longer you allow her to relax, the faster her vaginal wounds will heal. The faster the vaginal wounds heal, the faster you can have postpartum sex with her. The day will soon come when she too will be eager to have lovemaking after pregnancy.

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