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Not interested in Postpartum sex?

There is no need for you to worry if you are not interested in having sex after the baby. You are not the only one who faces these issues and there are many more like you. The nine months that you have passed through is tough and takes a huge toll on your body. It leaves you both physically and mentally drained and thus there is no question of having sex after pregnancy. Not all women are equally inclined towards sex. There are some women who have more interest towards their newborn than towards sex. This is a common phenomenon and you need not be worried about it.

Within a few weeks you will start craving for sex again. You might also perceive this as a blessing in disguise. These few weeks provides your vagina with sufficient time to get rid of the abrasions suffered during the birth of your child. It also provided the postpartum bleeding to cease and the cervix to close. In fact, doctors recommend staying away from sex for 5-6 weeks after childbirth before resuming sexual intercourse. Take this opportunity to enjoy some foreplay with your husband.

Check out your private parts and try to discover many things that you did not have time for before. Your partner might feel bad during this phase but you can resolve this issue with your love and care. The first time you feel like having sex after pregnancy, you should not forget that your vagina will be tender and dry, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby. Easing into the love process helps. Try massaging your partner or fondling his private parts and also invite him to do the same to you. If so required, use some lubricating gel or cream.

Foreplay is the best way to get turned on and lubricate the vagina naturally. When going in for intercourse after childbirth, you might not find yourself comfortable with some sex positions. This is natural, since your body is still in the healing stage. You should try sexual positions that do not impart pressure on your abdomen. Having a co-operative partner helps a lot. While lovemaking after pregnancy, keep your mind focused on sex only and do not permit it to be distracted by other things like household chores, laundry, and diapers. This time is a golden one which should be used to rebuild your sexual life with your partner, so focus your brain on the act in hand.

If you experience pain while having sex after childbirth, do not hesitate to consult your gynecologist. There might be some rare complications that require additional treatment. At other times, applying a small dose of estrogen cream on the vagina helps. After caring for the baby throughout the day, you might feel too tired to have sex after childbirth. This does not mean that your sexual life is over. Just change the time for having sex. Sex at breakfast is not a bad idea and is an exciting addition to the menu.

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