How Often to Have Sex to Hit Bull’s Eye


You want to conceive how often to have sex then? For most couples, hitting bull`s eye can be easy and fast if sex is done everyday. They think that this way, they will not miss a chance fertilizing the egg. It`s almost a 100% sure ball to hit bull`s eye.

But there are problems when you do this. First, you will get too exhausted having sex everyday. A sexual intercourse is still a physical activity that demands a lot of physical energy. Second, ejaculating everyday might lessen the sperm count. Insufficient sperms will make getting pregnant even harder. So, to conceive how often to have a sexual intercourse?

Timing is the Key

There are mostly 30 days every month. And in every 30 days, there are only about five days that a woman is fertile. Another problem is, these five days do not fall the whole one month. It`s not every week that you can find yourself fertile. This is only a five-day period. You miss it, and you have to try again next month.

That is why to conceive how often to have sex should not be the question. Instead, you should ask when you should have sex. There is only one way to find this out and that is by knowing when you will possibly ovulate.

Predicting Ovulation

You`ll need two months or more to get data of your ovulation cycle. Only through this that you can predict the most accurate day that you are most fertile. To do this, you need a basal thermometer and an ovulation chart. This chart should have the number of days and the temperature.

Get your temperature and record that to the chart every morning. Never get up until you have taken your temperature. Getting up will rise up your body temperature, which will disrupt the accuracy of your assessment.

Do this for at least two months. Through this, you will know how many days your ovulation cycle has. This will give you data as bases when predicting your most fertile day.

Usually, ovulation occurs in the middle of the ovulation cycle. That means, if your ovulation cycle takes 28 days, then your ovulation will probably fall on the day 14. Three days before this day, you should already start indulging to sexual intercourse. Trying to conceive how often to have sex is ideally every other day. This gives the man time to produce enough and healthy sperms for conception. This gives enough rest for both of you, too.

Other Getting Pregnant Tips

Aside from timing, the sexual position is also very important when trying to get pregnant. The sperm can live inside a woman`s body ideally for six days. But the average is only one to two days. Lying down, with your legs folded up is the best position after ejaculation. This makes the sperm stay inside, thus, increasing the chance of fertilization.

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