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Overview of the Bradley Method

The Bradley method refers to a particular kind of education approach related to childbirth. The method prepares a pregnant woman for delivery with minimized requirement for using drugs or anesthetics. The process is also known to transmit the role of the coach for the dad. The Bradley method was founded by MD Robert A. Bradley who lived between 1917 and 1998. He is the person who is credited for taking dads back to the delivery room.

The community center or hospital near your house may offer you with varying kinds of education classes for child birth both for you as well as for your partner. Hospitals may provide various kinds of child birth classes for the couple to address various important decisions like:

  • How to determine in case anything goes wrong?
  • Should you have sex or exercise?
  • How to know whether you are going into labor?

Although there is a variation in each of the procedures, the general aim of childbirth education remains in empowerment of the mother and father with knowledge so as to tackle your fears, enhance your level of confidence as well as make well thought out decisions when the time comes for childbirth. There are a lot of approaches in the Bradley method that allow you to tackle your pregnancy in a drug free manner like paced breathing which is used by women for minimizing the discomfort as well as pain that is common during the latter stages of your pregnancy, or labor, or delivery.

The Bradley method is considered as a natural approach taken towards childbirth and it takes into account prenatal education, techniques for relaxation as well as participation of the partner. The aim of the Bradley method is to train the couple to make sure that there is safe birth with reduced anxiety and pain. 92% of the couples resort to the Bradley method for a natural delivery without the requirement of medication.

The Bradley method teaches parents to take early classes which are taken over by weekly classes that are taken in the 6th month. The components of the course are as follows:

  • History, philosophy and goals of the Bradley method
  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Physical alterations and discomforts related with pregnancy
  • Natural alternatives to minimize uneasiness and pain
  • Labor and delivery expectations
  • Pushing techniques
  • Dad’s role
  • Birth planning and complications
  • Bonding with your baby

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