Most women nowadays want to find out when they are likely to conceive if they intend to get pregnant. With the use of our ovulation calculator you will be able to determine the days when you are ost fertile, and subsequently more likely to start the course of conceiving. By providing you the dates of your fertility period you will be able to plan your days when to try to conceive, and bear in mind it is vital that you don’t stress out yourself, don’t consider it as a task!

In using our ovulation calculator, all you need to provide us is your first day of your last period and we will surely help you increase your possibilities of getting pregnant. This will be our tarting point for finding out when you will be fertile! You should know the number of days your menstrual cycle lasts, since this will be an important factor that will estimate the precise days you will be most fertile. The ovulation calculator provides you the choices between 20 and 42 days, so it is vital that you know the number of days your menstrual cycle. These are the vital information you need to provide in our ovulation calculator to accurately determine fertility period.

If the ovulation calculator works for you, and you actually get pregnant on one of the days provided to you, the calculator will likewise provide you the estimated date you will give birth. Therefore, you can plan not only of when to get pregnant but also the dates you intend to give birth.

NOTE: The ovulation calculator can be used only by those with regular menstrual cycle and provides estimated dates only. If you are having irregular menstrual cycle, you might have problems identifying your day of ovulation based only on the calendar.