Pregnancy conception calculator helps you calculate your pregnancy due date. It will also help you determine the Last Menstrual Period, Probable Date of Ovulation, and Possible Dates of Conception. Actually, there are lots of women who are using this kind of calculator because they want to know more about their pregnancy. Most women these days are aware of the various implications at each stage of their pregnancy and this is the reason why they are interested about their conception.

Normally women use pregnancy conception calculator to learn more about their due date and estimate the date of conception. This tool is very helpful in providing the possible date of conception, calculate the dates you will get pregnant, the fetal age and others.

How to Use our Pregnancy Conception Calculator?

Using our pregnancy conception calculator is very easy, simply provide us the date of your last menstrual cycle and the how long your menstrual cycle lasts and then click the calculate button. In a
few seconds, you will have the data that you want to know regarding your pregnancy. The normal cycle of a woman is 28 days and it may extend up to 44 days. The result will depend on how sure you are on the dates of your menstrual cycle.

You will notice that pregnancy will begin during the time of ovulation and it takes place 14 days after the menstrual cycle starts. Most women have 28 days cycle. There are some instances that woman needs to extend the ovulation period and this implies that their ovulation period will begin after the 14 days period. Conception might occur 5 to 6 six days before the ovulation period.

These are probable conception dates based on an average 28 day cycle.