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Pregnancy Diet and Fiber

Pregnancy is the time when you are bound to gain weight. And this happens with everyone. You are not the only one with this problem on the planet. But the thing is, the weight gain that occurs should be sensible and should not be an unexplained thing.

When you are taking care of the diet you should see that you eat well and healthy. But you should not be eating for two. This is the care you should be taking. Here is the diet you should be taking.

Importance of fiber

If you want to follow a healthy diet plan then you should understand how important fiber is. With meals high in fiber you will receive many health benefits and some of them include better functioning of digestive and cardiovascular system. But today, everyone is living a life full of hustle and bustle. And that’s the reason why it’s tough to follow a high fiber diet plan.

Facts in connection to fiber

Fiber helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It ensures that the intestines are in proper condition and the colon stays clear. It also avoids clogging of cholesterol along the intestine lining.

It is worth noting that women who thrive on a diet that is high in fiber then the weight will remain in control. The reason for this is, the calories in fiber foods are less and thus you tend to have healthy weight.

The best part about high fiber diet is it does not make you hungry every now and then. You can keep away the cravings as you feel fuller and better. And this helps in avoiding obesity and promotes weight loss.

Fulfilling fiber requirements

As per the health experts’ recommendation, getting enough fiber is important for keeping fit. And the average recommendation is 14 grams of fiber is required for 1000 calories. Normally an individual consumes 2000 calories and thus the fiber should be 25-28 grams.

Start fiber slowly

So, you have been avoiding fiber these days? Well, in that case you should start consuming high fiber foods slowly. This is because an all of a sudden change in your dietary pattern can lead to stomach upset. Start with a small dose of fiber everyday and then start increasing the same gradually.

Types of fiber

Basically there are two types of fiber. And they are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.

The sources of soluble fiber include barley, fruits, oats, beans etc. People suffering from high cholesterol problems should have more of foods that are high in soluble fiber.

Some of the rich sources of insoluble fiber include cabbage, beet, carrot, brown rice, cauliflower etc. Intake of insoluble fiber helps you to stay fuller for more time and thus you tend to avoid food cravings. And thus, if you are on your weight loss regime then insoluble fiber will help you a lot.

Changing the dietary patterns

Thus, with the above details you are now aware as to how good fiber is for your health. And you must be feeling how bad it was that you have been avoiding this till date. Well, but remember, it is never too late. You should now change your dietary pattern and start consuming foods that are high in soluble and insoluble fiber. If you need help you may even talk to your dietitian. Junk food does no good to your body. You should reduce that and if possible avoid that completely. Junk foods are highly processed and thus there is zero fiber content in them. And as far as calories are concerned, junk foods are high in calories.

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