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Pregnancy Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the important factors in everybody’s life; especially during pregnancy we should be very conscious in nutrition as it not only makes the pregnant women health but also their infant. Taking necessary and adequate nutrition is another important factor to be noted, as the best choice of nutrition makes the baby’s life healthy throughout their life time. Having a vitamin supplement is one of the sure and best ways to provide optimum health and body strength your baby.

Vitamin supplements are one of the essential nutrition in every woman’s life because most of the women have some sort limitations in their food intake such as allergies, vegetarian or lactose intolerant. So taking vitamin supplement is a good idea as it holds all your body and it is advisable to take vitamin supplements for a period of time, at least one month before your pregnancy. If you do so your body will store all needed parental vitamins and important nutrients for your baby in advance.

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrition you’ll get from a vitamin supplement. It is always a good idea to take folic acid through vitamin supplement because you have very few natural sources of folic acid and it is not that easy for your body to absorb folic acid from natural food. Folic acid is very important vitamin, as the adequate level of this vitamin can prevent neural tube defect during pregnancy. One of the studies has proved that taking adequate amount of folic acid can lower the chance of having a neural tube defect baby.

Most of the doctors recommend that a woman should contain at least 600 mcg of folic acid during pregnancy, so it is best to start to take vitamin supplements before becoming pregnant that is three month earlier. If your first child is with aneural tube defect, that you have to consult with your doctor before taking this vitamin supplement because in this case a higher dose of folic acid is needed.

Iron and calcium are other important nutritional factors of a pregnant woman. You should intake about 27 mg iron and 1,000 mg of calcium each day. Nevertheless, the higher quantity of iron supplements in prescription prenatal vitamins can leads to constipation or may cause some kind of digestive problems. So if you experience this kind of problems it is better to consult with your doctor. Also, another important matter to consider is that make sure that you are keeping your prenatal supplements away from the children, as it may cause some serious health complications in children. Taking vitamin C also helps your body to absorb the adequate iron. For calcium supplements, you can even try some chewable chocolate calcium supplements or if you can you can take it through natural diet.

Essential fatty acid is also an essential nutrition for you and your baby, but they are not mostly included in prenatal vitamins, so you have to go for natural sources like salmon or trout or you can also take a separate supplement to get the DHA. It is advised that a pregnant woman need 300 mg of DHA daily.

Whatever prenatal vitamin supplement you take, you should remember that natural diet is always good. So focus more of healthy natural foods and avoid junk food to make your baby healthy and strong.

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