Pregnancy Travel Gear You Should Own

Pregnancy Travel Gear

After you have been given permission by your doctor to go on your babymoon, it’s time to start packing. Being pregnant, you’ll have to pack different things than if you weren’t pregnant. Your bathing suit might stretch to fit the bump, but your cotton shirt or dress might not.

Stay Comfortable While Traveling Pregnant

Staying comfortable while you travel is one of the most important things you should worry about. If you’re going somewhere that involves a lot of walking, you’re going to want to take comfortable shoes that will work when your feet decide to swell. You’ll also want to have blister pads for your feet just in case.

If you’re going to be away for a few weeks, you’re probably going to want to pack clothes that will grow with your bump. To stay comfortable, you’re going to want clothes that are loose fitting and not clothes that you were wearing when you first got pregnant.

Being pregnant, your body is going to go through a lot of changes, so one thing you’ll want to make sure you bring is breast pads. When your body starts producing milk, you’re going to want to keep the wet rings off your shirt.

Before you have your baby, it is important to travel with your prenatal records just in case you need to seek medical attention. If you do, make sure to request a record to take back home.

Travelling before baby can be fun and quite simple to pack for, but what about after baby travelling? You won’t be able to take your whole nursery with you.

Traveling with Your Baby

If you are travelling by car, it’s important to bring a bouncy or vibrating chair so they have a place to relax and sleep when you get them to your destination. You do not need a cranky baby while you travel.

You’re also going to want to take a portable crib. Sleeping with your baby can be uncomfortable and definitely unsafe. Make sure you pack blankets and extra padding when you travel.

It is also important to take as many diapers, pacifiers, and clothes as you can. Babies will get messy and you will have to change them more than once in a single day. Pacifiers are also east to lose, so make sure you take extra to keep them happy.

A backpack diaper bag will be super beneficial for you to have. Just because there’s an extra person you have to carry things for, doesn’t mean you have to stop carrying a purse. With a backpack diaper bag with many pockets to put things in, dad can be the one to carry it comfortably while you still look good with your purse.

If you plan on walking around, it would be ideal to have a stroller go along. However, if you run out of room, make sure you have a baby sling or something else that will make it easier to carry your baby around while you are enjoying your vacation.

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