Preparing the kids for Pregnancy

If you are pregnant again then there will be so many things you will have to do. Arrival of new baby will bring lots of excitement in the family. In this regime, there may be some kind of ignorance for your elder child. This should not happen. You should involve your child also in your new pregnancy journey.

There will be many changes that will come in your as well as the other family member’s life. It would be best if parents prepare the older babies for arrival of new baby well in advance. And this can be done by involving your kinds in the discussions that are including in the family for arrival of new baby. You should be comfortable to talk to your child. And the secrets that you want to reveal all depends upon the age of the baby and your own comfort levels.

You can talk to the older children as to when the baby will arrive, what special you want to do for the baby and how a baby will make difference in the older child’s life. There will be many questions that your child will ask if he is a little one. You should be bold enough to answer. Like, he will ask, here is the baby and from where it will come from. If you don’t want to say that in normal delivery baby comes from vagina, then you can say that baby comes from uterus which is in the tummy. Doctors operate the tummy and you get the baby.

There are chances that rather than getting jealous your child will take more interest in the new baby’s discussions and activities. And when that happens you should read various new baby books, you should tell them story about new babies, you can talk to them in regards to what a new baby will do in the old baby’s life etc.

It would be ideal that as soon as your new baby is born, you should take the old baby to the hospital at once especially when no other visitors are there. This will help him to bond with the new baby. He will realize as to how special his new sibling is.

After you come home, it’s true that you will be completely occupied with new baby. You should tell your spouse that he will be in charge of the older baby. This will make the older one also feel important. He won’t feel ignored.

There may be chances that our older baby may not take any interest in the new one. But in that case, you should let him be the way he is. Do not force him. If you do so, he may behave in the rebellious manner. But as soon as your new baby sleeps, you should devote all your time to the older baby. This will give him the sense of belonging. This will make him feel special and he won’t feel that he has been ignored by the parents.

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