How to prevent diaper rash?

The thought of a rash on your butt sounds horrible to me, so I was bound and determined to prevent it on my baby’s bum. Having an infant in the harsh Wisconsin winter this year didn’t necessarily set me up to win- but we did it! No diaper rash! There are many reasons for diaper rash so before you search for a solution consider what may be causing the rash. Here are a few ideas… food sensitivities, lack of air, lack of sunshine, acidic urine, acidic feces, and probably the most common, baby is getting ready to teeth!

Here are a few easy and effective ways to prevent diaper rash…

Cloth Diapers: Cloth diapers are a great start to preventing diaper rash. Disposable diapers have numerous chemicals in them that a babies sensitive skin will have a negative reaction to. If cloth diapers don’t work for you, the most eco-baby bottom- friendly disposable diaper I have found is NatiBaby.

Homemade Wipes: Disposable wipes that you buy at the store, even the “eco-friendly” ones have chemicals in them. The easiest solution is a small spray bottle with spring water and olive oil.

“Naked Baby Time”: This is a big one in my house! I stocked up bed pads so that if she poops or pee’s the floors are safe. Sun and air are two of the best things for skin irritations!

Coconut Oil: I always kept a lot of coconut oil on my daughters butt for a protective barrier. There really is such a thing as softer than a babies butt… a babies butt with coconut oil!

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