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Rumors about sex after giving birth

Women are often afraid to enjoy sex after pregnancy out of fear that they will become pregnant again. While safe sex is always recommended, especially if you do not want to become pregnant again, there is no weight in the fact that a women is bound to become pregnant if she goes in for sex after childbirth, even if she takes all possible precautions. There are many pills, foams, and creams available in the market and a woman should use them if they are interested in having sex without being afraid of getting pregnant again. If her partner wears a condom, there is no way that a women can get pregnant while enjoying sex after childbirth.

However, before a woman goes in for intercourse after pregnancy, there are certain factors she should keep in mind. According to the doctors, the vagina requires 5 to 6 weeks to heal itself of tears and other issues post childbirth. Then there is the sex position that a woman should adopt while going in for lovemaking after pregnancy. She should not adopt any position that puts pressure on her tummy while enjoying sex after pregnancy. They can enlighten themselves about the best positions by going through freely available and illustrated sexual postures books.

Some women often fall into postpartum depression and their husbands should try and adjust their sexual lifestyles accordingly. One can also enjoy the company of each other without performing the actual sexual act by foreplay and other means. There are countless ways by which a man and woman can enjoy themselves like fondling each others private parts. This provides sufficient pleasure without causing any risk to the health of the woman. Some men cannot understand why their friend’s wife started enjoying postpartum sex much earlier than their wife.

They should remember that not all women are built equally and not all are physically and mentally strong like others. On occasions when childbirth was by cesarean delivery, the woman concerned might be concerned about her looks and might not want to show her body to her partner. It is in such cases that a careful and understanding approach helps. As a male you can tell your partner about enjoying sex after pregnancy in dim light or even in complete darkness. This will help life her spirits and the same will be reflected in the way she goes about sex after pregnancy.

The mentality of a new mother is difficult for males to understand. The woman is generally possessive about her baby, and feels that her body, especially her breasts, is just for the newborn baby. This action often causes the male to get jealous and irritated. They feel as if they are being ignored. This however, is not the case and small thinks like fondling their wife’s private parts or kissing her passionately will make her inclined to perform sex after pregnancy. On the other hand, there are woman who enjoy sex even more after pregnancy.

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