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Stay Away From Junk Food in your Third Trimester Diet

For most of the women, the third trimester of pregnancy is like the home stretch. Nevertheless, one of the most important developments of your baby especially brain development takes place in this period. And during the last month of your third trimester, your baby will grow bigger and gain additional weight so that your baby will be healthier at birth. It is also important that you should also be prepared to face and to bear out the arduous process that is labor. And after the deliver you will be recovering soon to take care of your baby. Regrettably, in the third trimester, most of the women may face eating challenges, because of their baby size, the uterus will be enlarged and press against your stomach and this way it makes herder for you to eat.

During the third trimester, you need to take at least 300 more calories daily. And this is the period in which you’ll gain more weight and you body size will changed, but it is one of the expected changes in pregnancy. So don’t try to follow any diet during your last trimester, eat what ever you like but do make sure that your are not eating any junk food as it is not good for your baby.

You may feel like to have junk food during the third trimester because of your tiredness. And also most of the women don’t feel like cooking, as it is very easy to grab something from the junky store. In some case the pregnant women become very anxious about the delivery and upcoming birth, so they just buy some junk food to self-comfort them at that time. All these behaviors is not good actually, junk food is a food which you have to avoid strictly during pregnancy as it has zero nutrients so it is of no use having it.

If you feel like to have something quick, then it is always better to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. To add more taste you can try some cheese or another protein source. By doing this you will get a quick healthy snack.

Becoming anxious is one of the normal factors during the third trimester, so to overcome this feeling just have a talk or walk with your partner or get some advice form your health care provider. Or do some constructive things like gardening or painting or join in a childbirth class. And it is better to have several small meals instead of having few large meals but have only healthy foods.

During the last weeks of third trimester, that is just before birth your baby’s brain will undergo many developing process. So it is better to have all need essential fatty acids, such as Omega3s like DHADHA, in this stage. You can get these essential fatty acids in some fish and nuts, so have it. Or to make it easier you can have essential fatty acid supplements that are made especially for pregnant and nursing women. Some of the important foods which you have to eat during pregnancy include the whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats and plenty of water.

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