Symptoms of Multiples Pregnancy

18 Week Pregnant

A lot of women suspect that they are in fact carrying more than a single baby. You can get this clarified with the following methods:

Ultrasound Confirmation

This is a sure fire way of telling as to whether you are carrying multiples. The multiples can be identified if you are going through an ultrasound test.

Doppler Heartbeat Count

The heart sounds of the fetus can be detected with the help of a Doppler system later on within the first trimester. In case you are seeing an experienced doctor or midwife, you will see that they can detect more than a single heart beat, although this may be inaccurate as single pregnancy heart beats can be found in more than one place in the mother’s abdomen.

Elevated hCG Levels

hCG refers to the name that is given to the hormone which is produced when you are pregnant. If a woman is carrying multiple babies, they may have a risk of developing increased amounts of hCG. In course of more investigation, you can detect whether you have higher hCG levels.

Abnormal AFP Test Results

AFP or Alphafetoprotein screenings are taken during the course of the second trimester. The test is also known as the triple marker test or maternal serum screening. It is used for the detection of birth defects. The test is a measurement of the levels of a particular protein which is secreted by the liver of the fetus. This is why, multiples pregnancies may show a high or positive test reading.

Large Measuring for Gestational Age

A lot of doctors or midwives observe the fundal height of a woman which is the distance from the tip of the pubic bone to the tip of the uterus. The measurement indicates gestational age. Women with multiples experience increased uterine stretching, and their fundal height may appear more than their real gestational age, although there are other factors too that contribute to gestational age.

Gaining Weight

Several factors add to weight gain and generally many of them are caused due to bad dietary habits. The weight gain of a woman depends on her physical structure, height or pre pregnancy weight. Women carrying multiples gain 10 lbs more than those carrying a single baby.

Excessive Morning Sickness

This is the same for all women, whether they are experiencing single or multiples pregnancies. Frequent or early fetal movements are also noticed in case of extreme fatigue.

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