Teenage Pregnancy Myths

Are you aware of fairy tales on teenage pregnancy?

There are many myths in teenagers which should be clarified so that they will not purchase troubles. If you are aware of the exact process that leads to conception, you can go for it if you would like to produce children. On the other hand, you can restrain from it by using right kind of sex protection aids. Read below about teenage pregnancy facts and myths.

teen pregnancy myths

You will not get pregnancy with first intercourse

If you have right kind of sexual intercourse (penis in vagina) it might lead to pregnancy. To make sure that you won’t become pregnant, you should go for contraceptives. The birth control pill can help you in this context.

You will not get pregnant before your first period

There is no guarantee that you will not get pregnant before the first period.

You can have safe sex during period

It is possible to get pregnant through the sex you had during period as the semen might present in reproductive organs for about 6 weeks. As soon as a fresh egg is released, it might lead to conception.

Having sex in swimming pool is safe

Even though there is plenty of water in the swimming pool, there is no restriction for the passage of semen into the vulva.

Conception may happen by using public swimming pools

Even though a guy ejaculates in water it will not lead to conception unless the semen is delivered in the vagina of the girl.

Applying external agent prevents pregnancy

By applying vinegar or soda, it is not possible to prevent conception. It might lead to infection as well. The only way to get absolute protection from sex is through the usage of pregnancy pills.

You will not get STD through oral sex

It is true that most of the STDs will spread from one person to another person through vaginal and anal sex. However, unprotected oral sex also will lead to risk for STD. In order to get protection from STD, condoms should be used while participating in oral sex. Other kinds of aids which give protection in this context include Sheer Glyde dams, cut-open condoms and plastic wrap.

She will not get pregnant if he pulls out

Pregnancy can take place even though the man pulls out the penis before ejaculation. It can be effective to the extent of 70% to 85% only. Hence, pull out technique should not be resorted.

Instead of condom, guys can use plastic wrap or bag

Nothing will substitute the place of condom for men. There are women condoms which can be used if male condoms are not available.

She will not get pregnant if she is drunk or on drugs

Sex and illegal substances should not be combined together. There is no way to escape pregnancy by having sex while drunk or on drugs. The probability to have conception will be same as it is without being drunk or on drugs.

Certain positions can help prevent conception

No postures and positions will help in pushing semen into the vagina. Hence, it is not possible to avoid conception through some positions.

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