Temperature: A Natural Way to Predict Fertility

Knowing how to get pregnant temperature helps well in predicting your fertility periods, which allow you to set the perfect time to try getting pregnant. This method can be very useful for women who want to get pregnant. Who knows, you`re not actually impotent or your husband has enough sperm to make you pregnant. The only problem is your timing. If that is, then knowing how to get pregnant temperature is definitely a necessity for you.

Getting the best result from knowing how to get pregnant temperature requires patience and accuracy. “Patience” because you`ll have to do this everyday for at least three months and “accuracy” because one single small mistake can destroy everything.

Carefully follow these instructions on how to get pregnant temperature and you can expect good results:

Things needed

You`ll only need two items on how to get pregnant temperature. First is the basal chart. This is where you will record your temperature everyday. The other one is a basal thermometer. Unlike the conventional thermometer, a basal thermometer can detect a very slight difference in the body temperature, which is highly essential in the accuracy of this method.

Get temperature

You don`t just put the thermometer in your mouth and record the result on the chart. The proper way on how to get pregnant temperature is to get your body temperature in the morning, before you rise out of bed. Your body temperature will start rising once you rise out of bed, too. That is why to get the most accurate body temperature, you should get it in the morning before your temperature rises. As much as possible, get your body temperature at the same hour every morning for more accurate result.

When to start?

Ideally, you should start how to get pregnant temperature on the first day of your period. This will show the difference of your body temperature while you`re having menstrual period and during the ovulation period.


Not only temperature but other activities and conditions that may affect your temperature should be recorded on the chart as well. For instance, you can mark the dates you have your period with X. You can also mark the dates you made love with your husband with O or heart shape.

Continue doing this for at least three months. This will already give you enough time to gather sufficient data for your assessment.

Assessing results

As you will see, the basal chart will show you a drop and rise of your body temperature. The days your body temperature is dropping indicates the not fertile days. Those were the days you had your period and some days before and after it. Meanwhile, those days when your body has high temperature indicates the fertile periods.

Count the number of days from the start of your period until the day before your period for the next month started. That is how long your menstrual cycle is. Usually, midway of your menstrual cycle is your fertile days or days when your body temperature is high.

You should already see the pattern by now. Through that, you can already predict when you will be fertile and when you should try to get pregnant.

This way on how to get pregnant temperature is really helpful to successfully get pregnant. However, it will take months before you can use it. There is a better method than determining how to get pregnant temperature, though. This special technique is detailed in the Pregnancy Miracle book. You can try using the basal temperature method if you wish but I suggest you get help from Pregnancy Miracle in case getting temperature won`t work for you.

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