Three Safe Ab Exercises For Pregnant Women

Among the greatest joys in a woman’s life is carrying a child in their womb. Sometimes, though, pregnancy is coupled with fears and apprehensions, particularly among first time moms and those who have health and wellness concerns. With the many discoveries these days that helped ease the period of carrying a child, it shouldn’t worry you at all!

There are many ways to keep you looking and feeling great while your tummy is bulging, and even methods to ensure a comfortable pregnancy. Among these would be some ab exercises for pregnant women which helped many others be well-prepared for giving birth. At the same time, such exercise and many other workouts for expectant moms, keep them fit and look good during and after pregnancy.

Like any workout routines, the ab exercises for pregnant women are specifically designed to bring comfort to women who are undergoing physical changes when they are pregnant. As for you, understand that the whole body during this stage becomes very vulnerable, with the spinal joints becoming less stable and the abdominal area stretched far to carry the growing child within. The spreading movements in the pelvis and the extra weight you would need to carry throughout the pregnancy imposes burden on your spine as well. At the same time, the muscles in your back and abs are pushed into proportions that are often alarming.

You would be thinking how to get back to the best figure – or something close to it – after giving birth, right? But not to worry because motherhood specialists and wellness experts came out with recommended ab exercises for pregnant women. Such routines are meant to prepare them as well for birthing and post-natal life so that many women to fully enjoy pregnancy as they can manage those physical discomforts well. At the same time, they have been able to achieve best posture even when their baby tummy has grown so big towards their third trimester.

Most of these exercises involve strength and flexibility movements for the abdomen, but they are helpful as well in keeping the back muscles, pelvic area and buttocks, and the thigh and leg muscles also strong, ready and fit for pregnancy and birthing.

Three Safe Ab Exercises For Pregnant Women

First trimester ab routine

You don’t have to wait until your tummy is growing to workout! One of the ab exercises for pregnant women can be started in the first trimester and it should be a good start to staying fit and healthy during the whole period. To do this, simply lie on your back with both hands on your sides. Your legs should be straight as well. Then slowly lift your head up so that your chin reaches your chest. When it does, hold the position for three to five seconds, then slowly let your head rest on the floor again. Do the routine around twelve times at first, and gradually increase it in the coming days.

Pelvic tilts on the floor

This routine is probably the simplest among ab exercises for pregnant women. For this exercise which requires you to lie down, make sure you have a mat that doesn’t slip. Or you can spread a blanket over the carpet and that’s fine. For pelvic tilts, you simply have to like on your back with your knees bent, and both feet must be flat on the floor. Then get both your hands on the space between your back and the floor. That space is meant to be closed with the tilts.

To do so, flatten the lower part of your back so that there is no space – and count up to around twenty before relaxing. Repeat this as far as 20 counts as well. The pelvic tilts can also be done while you’re standing or seated, with the core idea being closing the space between your lower spine and the chair’s back. Better yet, it’s about getting the area in your back straightened so that the abdominal area is strengthened and made flexible!

Transversus sitting

This specific ab exercises for pregnant women is aimed at strengthening the transverse muscles in your belly area. Doing is correctly effective reduce back pains because the transverses is connected to your spinal region. To do this, sit down with your body weight positioned well above your pelvis. The shoulders should be centered on the spine and your back should be straightened. Then you breath in or inhale using your stomach, but when you exhale, pull your stomach inwards toward the spine. Hold this position for about 20 to 30 seconds. Do the routine in 80 to 100 repetitions. You can also have the transversus variation of inhaling through the stomach, but when you exhale while contracting your stomach inwards, hold it for thirty seconds in the position close to the spine. Again, do the routine in as many as 100 routines.

Once you have your doc’s signal to go with such exercises, you can get your home prepared for those daily routines. Gear up for your safety and comfort, like finding a room where working out will be conducted safely and effectively. Make sure you also have comfortable clothes when doing these ab exercises for pregnant women. In that way, you can perfectly execute the movements – and even have the fun if you turn on the TV or listen to your favorite music while doing them!

Like any other recommended workouts for women like you, these ab exercises for pregnant women are proven to pave way for easier and quicker labor. In fact, many Lamaze classes integrate these exercises in preparing women to give birth with lesser body pains. When your abdomen is worked out well during pregnancy, you have better control of it so that pushing out during labor becomes manageable – even quicker, as it is with many women.

Also, remember that when you have inflexible abdominal muscles, they become difficult to get back in place after pregnancy. So with these ab exercises for pregnant women, you can soon get into shape and have flatter stomach after giving birth. By then you can readily and fully spend the enjoying the gifts of motherhood, without worrying so much about a bulging tummy!

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