How to Use Pregnancy Charts

How to Use Pregnancy Charts

Charting is one of the most conventional ways to get pregnant. A how to get pregnant chart will help you determine the days that you are most fertile, thus, helping you target the days that you will most likely get pregnant when you have sexual intercourse.

Many women suffering infertility are using fertility charting. For those who do not know where to get this chart and how to use this, please read the succeeding paragraphs.

Where to Get Pregnant Chart?

Actually, you don`t have to [easyazon_link keywords=”pregnancy chart” locale=”US” tag=”40weekspreg-20″]download[/easyazon_link] or print a copy of how to get pregnant chart because you can simply make one yourself. There are only two important data that a chart should have these are the temperature and the date. Everyday, you need to get your temperature and you will mark that on the chart. This way, you can monitor which are the days you have higher temperature, which is usually your fertile days.

If you don`t want anymore hassles, you can easily copy a how to get pregnant chart from Fertility Friend and Ovulation Calculator. There are certainly other sources where to get a copy of the chart. But since they only look the same, they will only work the same for you no matter where you get your copy from.

How to Use the Pregnant Chart?

Aside from the how to get pregnant chart, you also need a basal thermometer for this process. The regular thermometer won`t give you accurate measurement since the change in your body temperature will only be some points. A basal thermometer is capable of detecting even the slightest change in temperature, which is a good thing in having an accurate record of your ovulation cycle.

It`s better to have your basal thermometer, chart, and pen near your bed. Take your body`s temperature before you get up of bed every morning. Getting up will already change your body temperature, which will disrupt the accuracy of this process. It`s also better to take your temperature the same hour every morning for more accurate result.

Do this everyday for at least two months. But the more months, the better because you`ll have more data to compare.

At the end of second month, compare the results from the how to get pregnant chart. There, you will find the cycle of your ovulation and to which days your most fertile days fall.

Commonly, a woman with regular menstruation has a 28-day ovulation cycle. In the middle of this cycle is usually the most fertile day. In case of a 28-day cycle, the most fertile day theoretically falls to the day 14.

To make sure you`ll get pregnant, you should have intercourse at least four days before the most fertile day until about four days after the period. You can do it everyday or do it every other day.

Boosting up your fertility and your chances to get pregnant will be possible with the how to get pregnant chart. But there is another way to make sure you`ll get pregnant and this is guaranteed the Pregnancy Miracle way.

The Pregnancy Miracle will teach you a way to quickly, naturally, and permanently cure any of your infertility issues. Thus, it will be possible for you to get pregnant. Not only to get pregnant but to finally give birth to a child. Yes, a how to get pregnant chart can help you do that but adding the Pregnancy Miracle to your tools will increase your chances guaranteed chances of getting pregnant and be a parent.

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