What is a pregnancy calendar?

Conceive with Irregular Periods

A pregnancy calendar helps you to give you an estimate on the due date of your delivery date which is nearly always accurate.

Though it is hard to find the exact date of ovulation or the exact date of your getting pregnant you can jolt down the estimate date on the bases of your regular menstrual date or on the last menstrual date. You also need to know that this pregnancy calendar has which gives you a rough idea as to the due date of your baby.

This pregnancy calendar is used to fill in the details of your baby’s slow but steady development right from the time of conception to the date of its birth. Furthermore this pregnancy calendar can be used in another way too and that is you can note down the last time you had your menstrual cycle in the pregnancy calendar and then calculate the date of delivery.

Pregnancy calendar is also where you can note down the day to day health changes that you undergo which includes pregnancy symptoms which not only helps you know the different changes your body undergoes during these nine months of pregnancy but also help you have some sweet memories of how you felt when your baby was developing inside you. Apart from that you can also keep your doctor updated whenever you visit her about the changes your body undergoes with each passing day.

The pregnancy calendar is divided into three parts or segments. Each segment representing each trimester. Starting with the first trimester which is for the first twelve weeks and this is the most important phase in your pregnancy or rather the most critical phase for the growth and development of your baby. This phase is very important not only for you but also for your baby as there are a lot of chances of miscarriage so you need to be very careful during these three initial months, though you need to be careful all through your three trimesters.

The second phase of your pregnancy starts from the second trimester which again is estimated according to your delivery due date in accordance to your pregnancy due date which you have noted down in your pregnancy calendar.

The third trimester is the last one on your calendar wherein you can jolt down the different changes going on in your body as your baby grows developing from an embryo to a full grown baby at the end of the third trimester. You can also note down the ultrasound details of your baby, etc.

Pregnancy calendar is a fully fledged book of your health record along with the minutest details of all your health as well as physical changes that your body undergoes during these nine months along with various tips, diets, medications that you need to take and those that you need to avoid etc. These memories are a life time memories for you to cherish and tell your baby when he or she grows up to understand all that you underwent during those nine months when you nurtured it within yourself.

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